The Sweet Plugin: Expandable Dashboard Recent Comments


Today’s Sweet Plugin is called Expandable Dashboard Recent Comments. This plugin is admin-only, and makes a small tweak to how the Recent Comments Dashboard widget behaves. Who doesn’t love a small tweak to their dashboard?

The video is embedded at the top of this post’s page, with more about the plugin below.

Expandable Dashboard Recent Comments

Expandable Dashboard Recent Comments makes it possible to expand each comment previewed in the Dashboard Recent Comments widget, instead of clicking through to the full comment screen on the admin. While it might seem like a very small tweak, if you deal with a good number of comments (particularly from authors who like to share a good deal of thoughts on your posts) then this could easily save you a number of extra clicks when approving and responding to comments.

Video recorded with a modified version 1.3 of Expandable Dashboard Recent Comments, running WordPress 3.1.3.

About the plugin author

This plugin is developed by Scott Reilly (or coffee2code on He has developed a number of plugins there, and he also blogs and tweets.

Is your plugin worthy?

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6 thoughts on “The Sweet Plugin: Expandable Dashboard Recent Comments

  1. I don’t understand way this is not a built-in function in wordpress.

    Sometimes it seems like they don’t want to make our lives easier, they just want more developers o develop plugins to inflate the plugin directory.

    • Nah, I don’t think it’s like that at all. The core team is very careful about what ends up in core, and the best way to be careful is to let plugins (possibly like this one) demonstrate elegant ways of solving problems before bringing it under the hood, so to speak.

  2. Hi Ryan, thanks for featuring the plugin!

    You have a note in the post regarding your local version of the plugin being modified and you mention in the video that there may be a few enhancements or tweaks you’d like to see; I’d be happy to hear any suggestions you may have.

    • I think the modification mention was a mistake, likely a rogue copy+paste from an earlier Daily Plugin. I do have some ideas for the plugin, though, so maybe I’ll play around with it and get some ideas over to you.

      • One aspect I could foresee improving is the trigger and easing used for the expansion and collapse of the excerpts. Even though the expand/collapse trigger’s text/character can be customized already (via filters), I envision something with a slicker UI that replaces the current approach.

        • Yeah, what I was thinking about playing with was another way to “open” the comments up. Something a bit easier to target and click than the double arrows. I still need to play around with it.

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