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Today’s Sweet Plugin is WP-Table Reloaded, a plugin that makes adding tabular data to WordPress much, much easier. If you’ve ever struggled dealing with tabular content in a WordPress post or page, this plugin might be perfect for you.

The video is embedded after the jump, as well as a bit more about the plugin.

WP-Table Reloaded

I’ve been using WP-Table Reloaded to manage any of my table-based data for as long as I can remember. I certainly have no trouble writing out tables by hand, but why do it if it’s not needed? WordPress developer Tobias has done a great job with this plugin. Not only does it handle table creation and management well, it also has some solid importing and exporting options. I approve.

How do you choose to manage tabular data in your WordPress site? Do you prefer to manage them via the HTML tab, or in another way?

Video recorded with version 1.9.1 of WP-Table Reloaded, running WordPress 3.1.3.

Is your plugin worthy?

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10 thoughts on “The Sweet Plugin: WP-Table Reloaded

  1. I’ve tried WP-Table Reloaded and the advanced features like the import/export are cool, but I don’t like how it stores the tables separate from the rest of the content.
    Typically when I need to use a plugin like this, it is because I am migrating an old site that has a table, and the client wants to be able to edit that table themselves. Or maybe they need to create a few more simple tables.
    In situations like this I can’t justify a heavy duty plugin, so I use MCE Table Buttons by Jake Goldman. It adds back in the table editor buttons that are in the full version of TinyMCE. The plugin is really lightweight, feels like a native part of WordPress, and is more than enough for those rare occasions when I need to dirty my hands with tables!

    • I too like Jake Goldman’s MCE Table Buttons plugin for it’s simplicity and the instant gratification it gives my clients who need to crank out a simple table without thinking about it. Albeit, when they often times use it for formatting and page specific layout purposes, I do wish there was a simple and more elegant alternative available.

      The problem with WP-Tables Reloaded is the name. The name attracts people looking for a quick and easy way to create HTML Tables within their post editor. These people aren’t going to be happy with having to precreate the table and fill in the various options on a separate admin area and then return to insert the table later.

      After evaluating WP-Tables Reloaded about 6 months ago, it occurred to me this plugin should be named WP-DataGrid. Essentially, this plugin provides an extremely easy way to create datagrids of information – complete with formatting options, sorting, column and row highlighting, various copy options (by row, column, or cell), import / export capabilities, and so on an so forth. Although this plugin makes use of HTML Tables, it’s much more than the name implies.

  2. We’ve been using it for over a year with one client to manage all of their product dimensional, performance, and documentation tables. It’s been an awesome tool to manage all these tables in a central location.
    We use these tables in pages, posts, and also in sidebar widgets. At least count I think we are managing almost 200 separate tables.

  3. I’m a novice at WP … I have been using wp-table on a couple of pages and like the looks of the ‘reloaded’ version. Do I deactivate wp-table before installing ‘reloaded’ or keep both active in order for my existing 2 or 3 tables to work correctly? Thanks in advance! ~MJ

  4. I just want to add a quick personal note to say that I have nothing but fantastic things to say about this plugin’s author. He clearly cares about his work and he even put together some customizations for me in order to get the sorting feature to work with currency values and percentages (which you can see in action here for a series of compensation reports I compile and publish). He did these modifications without insisting on being paid in advance (but I can say that I gladly left numerous tips!) and even took the time to clean up a few loose ends.

    He’s a model developer and I hope he has a long and productive career ahead of him!

  5. I came across a similar plugin and almost similar name “WP Tables” but it’s a commercial one. I’m not a techie but I think this paid version is very sleek (at least on a web surfer point of view) and quite simple to use.

    They don’t have the capability of importing/exporting data but I think the creator of this plugin has different plans according to what I’ve red in his WSO thread.

    I’m interested to know the opinion of WordPress experts here about this plugin (WP Tables).


  6. I can’t seem to find the answer I’m looking for with this plugin. I want to add in the table boxes :Shopping”, “Fitness”, “Vacations”..Once I do this, how do I click into “Shopping” and have a drop down of the online shopping websites that are clickable?
    I deactivated this plugin because I couldn’t figure this out. Please help me!
    Thanks in Advance,

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