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Today’s plugin was recommended to me by a WPCandy reader on Twitter. It turns out WPCandy wasn’t taking advantage of Facebook the way it should have, and with a quick plugin addition the problem was solved.

The plugin is WP-OGP, from developer David Miller, and it might just help you if you face a similar problem.


WP-OGP is a plugin developed by David Miller that, very simply, makes your blog look much nicer when it’s shared on Facebook. It uses the Facebook Open Graph Protocol to add the meta tags to your post pages so they, for instance, use the correct thumbnail images when shared in Facebook.

The most comprehensive way to test for the presence of the proper OGP tags on your website is the URL Linter, available via the Facebook developer tools. Simply give the linter a URL and it will give you feedback, much like an HTML or CSS validator.

Does your blog already look nice in Facebook? Do you use WP-OGP, or something else?

Video recorded with version 1.0.5 of WP-OGP, running WordPress 3.1.3.

Is your plugin worthy?

If you would like to see your plugin featured on an episode of The Sweet Plugin, send your plugin information over to [email protected]. We’ll see you tomorrow for another Sweet Plugin!

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