The Sweet Plugin: Blog Update Reminder

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Today’s Sweet Plugin is called Blog Update Reminder, and could serve as a handy reminder system whether you run a multi-author blog or you blog on your own. It attempts to solve the problem of forgetting to blog on a given schedule.

The video is embedded at the top of this post’s page, with more about the plugin below.

Blog Update Reminder

Blog Update Reminder adds a settings screen to allow you to set a span of time for each of your authors. If the authors don’t contribute to the blog in that given span of time, they will be emailed a reminder to blog.

Video recorded with version 1.0.1 of Blog Update Reminder, running WordPress 3.1.3.

About the plugin author

This is actually WordPress developer Samantha Gruskin‘s first plugin! Wish her congrats in the comments, and check out her site.

Is your plugin worthy?

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