The Sweet Plugin: Post Revision Display

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Today’s Sweet Plugin is called Post Revision Display, and offers a new way to show the changes to your posts to your readers. It may not be perfect for every blog you run, but if there’s a need for a certain level of transparency on your site you should check it out.

The video is embedded at the top of this post’s page, with more about the plugin below.

Post Revision Display

Post Revision Display is a particularly handy plugin if you plan on ever editing or updating your posts and like to be transparent with your readers. This is a plugin I enjoy using particularly because I don’t want to have to add a bold update notice to posts when I add something or improve the post in some way, but I still want people to be able to see that a change was made.

Post Revision Display allows your readers to compare the current version of your post against the old versions. Do you have a blog that you would consider using this one on, or do you handle post editing and updating in an entirely different way?

Video recorded with version 0.9 of Post Revision Display, running WordPress 3.1.3.

About the plugin authors

Post Revision Display is developed by Scott Carpenter and dnorman. Scott blogs, so you should probably check that out.

Is your plugin worthy?

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