The Sweet Plugin: Widgets Reloaded


Today’s Sweet Plugin is called Widgets Reloaded. Reloaded replaces the standard set of WordPress widgets with an advanced, highly configurable set that allows for more control over their display.

The video is embedded at the top of this post’s page, with more about the plugin below.

Widgets Reloaded

Widgets Reloaded replaces the eight standard widgets with more advanced versions. The widgets replaced are:

  • Archives
  • Authors
  • Bookmarks (Links)
  • Calendar
  • Categories
  • Navigation Menu
  • Pages
  • Search
  • Tags

If you’ve ever wanted a bit more control then this plugin should be in your arsenal.┬áDo you use Widgets Reloaded?

Video recorded with version 0.4.1 of Widgets Reloaded, running WordPress 3.1.3.

About the plugin author

Justin Tadlock developed Widgets Reloaded. He is also one of the authors behind Professional WordPress Plugin Development, as well as the Hybrid theme framework.

Is your plugin worthy?

If you would like to see your plugin featured on an episode of The Sweet Plugin, send your plugin information over to [email protected]. We’ll see you tomorrow for another Sweet Plugin!

7 thoughts on “The Sweet Plugin: Widgets Reloaded

  1. Yep – This is a powerful widget from Justin – Love it! The only thing I miss with this plugin is consistency in how the widget is viewed on the site’s page/post etc. The “include/exclude” feature is available on most, but not all of the altered widgets. I’d guess the inconsistency comes with how other 3rd party plugin/widgets are written.

    Alternately I’ve used Widget Logic and the excellent Widget Context for simple visiblity functions allowing me to control when and where a widget shows up on the site.

    • Thanks for commenting. Would it be possible to use a real name in your comment? Our comment policy requires it for inclusion on the site, and we’re trying to do a better job of enforcing it.

      I’m happy to add a name to your comment, if you’ll let us know what it is.

      • Hi Ryan – I altered the BadCat Design Pro account to reflect “Kelter” as the name.
        Feel free to delete this and the other comment if you like –
        I simply keep things listed as BadCat Design.

  2. This is an excellent plugin and one which I often recommend to people – and I don’t recommend plugins very often. I don’t use it very often, but it’s incredibly useful whenever you need that extra fine grained control. In particular I like how it blends in with the rest of WordPress seamlessly. It conveniently removes the old widgets and replaces them with these far more advanced and customisable versions of the same thing rather than just providing EXTRA widgets.

  3. Hi,

    Just recently discovered your site but usually have trouble with the iPad viewing your videos. So, I have to mark this and view on a desktop later. In the meantime, I have a question about the plugin.

    I use the genesis framework, are there any known conflicts? I ask because anytime I add a plugin, the secondary menu needs to be reset – a pain. Plus, I use many widgets and so would I have to reset everything when the plugin is enabled?

    Keep up the great work on your site.

    PS. Yes, LPH is how I sign things (twitter, Facebook, Disqus, LiveFyre, WP, BP, etc). And don’t forget my dog P.

  4. Thanks for featuring my plugin, Ryan. I originally built it because I really wanted to use the WordPress widgets system. The basic widgets that were offered just didn’t let me do the things I’d previously been doing with code. So, Widgets Reloaded was born.

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