The Sweet Plugin: Episode 1, and WPCandy Dashboard Feed



It’s very exciting to announce a new project here at WPCandy called The Sweet Plugin. This is a new show that will, as you might have guessed, feature a new WordPress plugin every single day.

The first episode is posted just after the jump, as well as a bit more about The Sweet Plugin, and how to get your own work featured on the show.

The Sweet Plugin

The Sweet Plugin joins the small family of WPCandy video programs, and is our first daily program. Every day we’ll be looking at a new, likely awesome, WordPress plugin. In the process we will bring some attention to independent WordPress developers and hopefully point out a plugin or two that you don’t yet know about.

This show joins The WPCandy Show over in our shows section.

WPCandy Dashboard Feed plugin

Okay, so featuring our own plugin is a bit self-serving for our first Sweet Plugin. I’ll give you that. Point you.

The WPCandy Dashboard Feed plugin is handy if you’d like to see new posts from WPCandy showing up in your WordPress Dashboard. The number of posts and the category that is pulled in is configurable, which is a decent level of customization for a plugin like this.

Even if this plugin isn’t for you (not everyone relies on the WordPress Dashboard for their reading/news), it might be just perfect for a friend, a family member, or a client that you would like to introduce to WPCandy.

Do you use WPCandy Dashboard Feed, or any other news aggregating plugins with your WordPress Dashboard?

Video recorded with version 0.3.1 of WPCandy Dashboard Feed, running WordPress 3.1.3.

14 thoughts on “The Sweet Plugin: Episode 1, and WPCandy Dashboard Feed

  1. Actually, I don’t like anything external in my Dashboard UI. I disable all dashboard feed Widgets (note to Plugin developers: please stop cluttering the Dashboard with essentially useless feed Widgets).

    • While I don’t mind additional widgets on my Dashboard, I completely agree with you on the other part: widgets added by plugins that do other things are pretty annoying. At least in this case it’s all the plugin does, so very easy to avoid if you don’t want it 🙂

      • Definitely not a knock on your Plugin. 🙂 For people who find the Dashboard feeds useful, this Plugin is perfect for them! (And, however it’s consumed, who couldn’t use more WPCandy on a daily basis?

  2. Useless for me too 🙂 I mean it in a positive way, I just visit everyday (not to mention I’m never in the same WP installation day to day). Nice idea on the daily plugin.

  3. I like the plugin. But, instead of only allowing a choice of a single category or the whole feed, how about checkboxes for the various categories…so users could build their own feed by including multiple categories of their choosing?

  4. Hey Ryan, great stuff man, I like the idea of the daily plugin, looking forward to the new show. Is there a feed just for the podcast / Daily Plugin?


    • Currently the target isn’t specified, so it will default to whatever the user’s browser settings are. I’ll keep this sort of thing in mind for the next version of the plugin, though most of the time I think it’s best to leave those sorts of things alone.

  5. Maybe an article listing all the plugins you use on WPCandy might link in well with these Daily Plugin shows. Great shows by the way, and an excellent way to bring a little kudos to some great WordPress plugin developers.

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