WPCandy Roundtable #3: WordPress Meetup Discussion with 4 co-organizers


WPCandy Roundtable Podcast #3: WordPress Meetup Discussion

Let’s talk about WordPress meetups! On this episode of The WPCandy Roundtable Podcast, I asked four awesome WordPress meetup co-organizers to chat about what makes a quality meetup and how they do what they do. We also went over what they would recommend to new WordPress meetup organizers.

Joining me on the podcast are Angie Meeker (Columbus, Ohio WordPress Meetup), Brian Richards (Grand Rapids, Michigan WordPress Meetup), Steve Zehngut (Orange County WordPress Meetup) and Aaron Jorbin (Washington, D.C. WordPress Meetup). These folks know what they’re talking about.

Still not sure about listening? Steve Zehngut and Aaron Jorbin each co-organize events with a full roster count of over 800 and 1,200, respectively. That’s a couple of times the size of most large WordCamps, folks.

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We discussed a number of issues that will face new meetup organizers. Some of my favorites this episode were:

  • What’s the best advice for brand new meetup organizers who haven’t started their event yet?
  • What sort of format does your meetup use?
  • Where do you find your meetup speakers?
  • How do you keep your community involved when not meeting?
  • When does your group meet? Do you find weekdays or weekends to be best for meetings?

We talked for about 50 minutes and had a great time. If you’re interested in running — or improving — your own WordPress meetup I highly recommend this podcast.

What about your WordPress Meetup experience?

I know for a fact that plenty of you organize the meetups in your city too. I’d love to have your comments on these topics as well. What did you find helpful when you started your event?

If you aren’t organizing your meetup, and also don’t have a meetup in your area, what’s  holding you back? Have you ever considered running it for the community in your city?

3 thoughts on “WPCandy Roundtable #3: WordPress Meetup Discussion with 4 co-organizers

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  2. Hi- great podcast. I am the co-organizer of the Omaha, NE WP meet up. We just started last Dec and still trying to figure out things, but is going good so far. Good tips from this podcast. Regarding the space we are using, it happens I am involved with a small nonprofit who has a 25 meeting room and trough a friend who works for a local technology nonprofit (AIM Institute) I was able to get them as meet up sponsors and pay for meetup.com.

  3. Brian Richards deserves a lot of credit for his leadership in our WordPress Grand Rapids meetup, and for our first WordCamp Grand Rapids in 2012. Thank you, Brian!

    Our meetup is a friendly group with a range of abilities. In a large part due to the technical tips, business advice, and encouragement I received from the group, I quit my day job and became a self-employed WordPress web designer. Now I do what I can to promote and grow the group, and to give back.

    P.S., I’m glad to see the return of the Roundtable Podcast. I had unsubscribed, but I stumbled across this episode and re-subscribed.

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