WPCandy Roundtable #2: JJJ, Boone Gorges, Paul Gibbs on BuddyPress


I’m happy to present episode number two of the WPCandy Roundtable Podcast, this time with the BuddyPress Core Team of John James Jacoby, Boone Gorges, and Paul Gibbs. They spoke for just over an hour about issues of interest to them within the BuddyPress community, and where things are going in the near future.

This episode is sponsored by the upcoming WordPress service Raft.io and the Typecase plugin by UpThemes.

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The gentleman also wanted me to say that if there were further questions you had about BuddyPress after listening, you’re welcome to leave them here and they will stop by and have a look at them.

9 thoughts on “WPCandy Roundtable #2: JJJ, Boone Gorges, Paul Gibbs on BuddyPress

  1. So I checked out the newer theme that was mentioned that would be up on testbp.org. It looks like it is basically a take on P2 for BuddyPress.

  2. Hi, Steve I’m one of the many who worked on the status theme really cool you checked it out. It’s interesting you say P2 as that wasn’t a consideration but yes it could be used for that certainly.

    Personally I love finding different ways to use BuddyPress and yes this would adapt because of the sheer nature of the activity stream to a ‘stream blog’ so to speak.

    There is also opportunity for this theme to be built on and others to get involved in contributing.

    • Karmatosed,

      I’ve always thought that P2 would have been a cool integration into BuddyPress vs the original stream. It seems that with Status you have bridged that gap with look and feel, and if someone wanted to take it there, it certainly could become a full P2 for BuddyPress (B2? LOL)

      I exclusively use Genesis child themes and either modify existing child themes or build custom ones from the default Genesis child. I don’t use anything else anymore (for several reasons), but Status definitely has my interest piqued for some upcoming BP projects I am working on. Many of these projects have been on and off again throughout the years because of the drastic changes that BP has seen in the past, but I am anxious to get these projects moving.

      Thank you for the work you have contributed on the Status theme and for contributing to the BP community in general.

      • Hehe love the B2 name 🙂 Thanks for the comment – it’s a pleasure being part of the BuddyPress community and this theme was such fun to be just one of many involved in it. Love to see what you and others do with it once we release.

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