Pressbits 005: Don’t delete plugin options on deactivation


In this episode of Pressbits I discuss my pet peeve of plugin developers deleting my options settings on deactivation, rather than upon uninstallation.

You should listen to it, especially if you’re a plugin developer.

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Deactivating and uninstalling a plugin are not the same thing

Let’s talk about plugin options. Specifically, what I expect as a user when I deactivate a plugin, versus uninstall one. WordPress has some hooks built in that help enable plugin others to do things, namely register_activation_hook, register_deactivation_hook, and register_uninstall_hook. The deactivation hook and uninstall hook are great places to trigger certain things. Unfortunately, too many plugin authors unset options in the wrong one.

When I deactivate a plugin, I’m not really trying to totally remove the plugin from my site, but rather just turn it off. So when a plugin author deletes all of the options I’ve selected on a plugins’ settings screen on the deactivation hook, it makes me angry that I have to go and reset them when I turn it back on. So angry that I might just find another solution for what your plugin is doing.

What they should be doing instead, is removing these options, and everything else, with the uninstall hook. When i uninstall a plugin completely, it is safe to assume I am finished with it, and it is the appropriate place to take such action. But when I simply deactivate, in all likelihood I’m just debugging something in my theme or another plugin, or maybe backing up or upgrading something.

So consider this a friendly message to plugin developers, and future plugin developers – remove options on the uninstall hook, and not the deactivation hook.

3 thoughts on “Pressbits 005: Don’t delete plugin options on deactivation

  1. I HATE it when a plugin automatically deletes settings on deactivation. Settings should never be removed without the user giving the plugin explicit permission to do so.

  2. I can’t say how strongly I agree with this point. Just yesterday while troubleshooting a problem I had to deactivate all the plugins on a client site. What a pain it is to reconfigure the ones that lost all my settings. Great point Brian.

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