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Do your clients understand the admin you’ve given them?

You’ve built some pretty cool features into a website, and you’re about to hand it over to your client. But do they know what to do with these features, and how to use them? Do they even know they exist? What good is it if they login and get overwhelmed?

Unless you tell them, they probably don’t know where to go, or what to do, or how to navigate the backend at all. There are options out there to help you clean up the clutter, and I personally use the White Label CMS plugin to help me do that. Not only does this plugin let me select some unnecessary (for the client) menus to hide, but I can quickly create a couple of helpful widgets, like one with quick links to help and our company support contact information.

So before you wrap up your next client site, take a step back and put yourself in a beginner’s shoes to make sure that the experience isn’t too overwhelming, and offers them clear direction of how to operate the site as soon as they log in.

11 thoughts on “Pressbits 002: The WordPress admin

  1. Thanks for sharing White Label CMS… hadn’t see that before. It’s so easy for people like us who use WordPress every day to tell people that with WordPress it will be super easy and straightforward for them to manage their own website. But there really is a lot that a “regular” user can get lost in or overwhelmed by that they don’t even need to know exists.

  2. Ensuring that the admin is easy to use (especially if it has been customized) is one of the most important steps in finishing a client site, at least in my opinion. But I don’t think it is just limited to client sites, the same goes for premium (and free) plugins and themes. I’m always shocked at the number of themes that I see that are not easy to understand / navigate in the admin.

  3. First off, I’m liking the idea of these quick “pressbits” – keep it up.

    Didn’t know about White Label CMS. However, I’ll say this. I’ve been using the Adminimize plugin to remove the bulk of the Dashboard menu items for most of my clients. I use the word remove very specifically, because my design philosophy is to reduce: both for the client and for myself as the developer. I much prefer customizing login, registration, and password retrieval screens myself, as opposed to relying on a third-party to do it.

    • Thanks, Matthieu! We plan to keep it up! There are definitely multiple ways to clean up the dash, and I just used White Label as an example. “Reduce” is a nice philosophy in lots of things… my wife likes to cook, and the key to a good sauce is to go slow and “reduce, reduce, reduce” – works for us too : ) Make things better by spending a little extra time to do it right.

  4. After trimming back the Admin, I usually install “WP Help” by @markjaquith and write up some documentation, complete with links to other parts of the Admin. It’s cut back on the amount of support calls/emails.

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