Pressbits #7: Memorize WordPress dashboard URLs


In episode seven I share my thoughts on something I’ve tried to do on a daily basis to be more efficient when working in the WordPress dashboard. I’m curious what you think of this idea.

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Memorize dashboard URLs

If you’re anything like me, you spend a good deal of time in the WordPress dashboard. But also like me, you might be interested in being efficient and not wasting time. One thing I’ve tried to train myself to do is memorize the URLs for pages I visit within the dashboard, to entirely skip over the navigation side of things.

Or rather, not memorize, but commit them to muscle memory. For instance, one thing I’ll often do is log into the dashboard and start a new post. The standard way is to type in my dashboard URL, wait for it to load, then click the add new post link (either in the toolbar or in the menu) and then wait for the next page to load.

But I can skip that middle part, if instead of initially browsing to /wp-admin/ I also type in post-new.php. I skip the additional page load, moving the mouse, and clicking. I end up where I want to go right away.

It might seem like a small mental shift, but if you visit dashboard pages enough it might be worth trying it out. Pay attention to the full URLs for dashboard screens you visit regularly, and start saving a few moments here and there.

What do you think?

11 thoughts on “Pressbits #7: Memorize WordPress dashboard URLs

  1. I dig that idea, but to take it even further, if you use textexpander or typeit4me (which is the one I like), you can just program a snippet in there. So with like 2-3 keystrokes you can be right where you need to be.

    How much time does it really save you though?

    • Hey, great idea Daan, I actually read this post on an RSS reader but switched to a browser because I wanted to write a comment suggesting precisely the same thing.

      So impressive that you have already got a plugin up and shared with the world, dank je wel 🙂

      I wonder if there might also be a way to do this via a Chrome or Firefox plugin, recognizing when you are in the dashboard of any WordPress site and jumping to shortcuts based upon the current domain? That would be useful if you deal with a lot of WP sites and would work even with brand new installations without any plugins installed yet.

      • GMTA… and I got here via my newsreader too!

        Doing it with an extension/plugin is entirely possible since the navigation is done in javascript. It is even a better idea the a WP plugin.

        Btw: I’ve added full navigation for all standard wp-admin pages.

    • Great tip Ryan! …and waaaay cool @Daan that you whipped up this plugin so quickly. I’ll go have a look but off the top of my head, it would be great to be able to customize the hot keys and actions they affect…don’t you hate feature requests this quickly? 😉

  2. You’ve got the browser to do that. It wil remember which urls you visit. So knowing vaguely where you need to be will be enough, if you’ve been there before.

  3. Call me old fashioned, but I keep a bookmark folder for each blog that has the links to each of my most frequently used dashboard urls like: all posts, new posts, comments and stats.
    That way, i keep a small navigation system without rhe overhead of actally navigating through the menus.

  4. I would just have a bookmark/folder of bookmarks, right under my navigation bar.

    On the other hand and as someone mentioned above; when typing, if you’ve visited the page before, the browser should auto-suggest anyway.

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