First (After)Taste: WordPress 3.3 on the iPad


If you haven’t seen the First Taste coverage of WordPress 3.3, you should probably watch that. If you’ve already seen that, then this could interest you. Brian and I didn’t really get a chance to check out WordPress 3.3 on the iPad, so this morning I present to you the first First (After)Taste, which basically amounts to me recording myself playing around with WordPress on the iPad. You’re welcome.

Among the new features that WordPress 3.3 brings to the table is iPad/table compatibility. If you don’t have a tablet or iPad to try this out, this video will show you what you’re missing.

The video is embedded at the top of this post’s page.

How much playing around with WordPress 3.3 have you done? Have you ever tried to use WordPress on the iPad before?

6 thoughts on “First (After)Taste: WordPress 3.3 on the iPad

  1. Realistically though would you actually write posts, say for WPCandy, on your iPad?
    I’ve had the WordPress iPad app for as long as I can remember and never actually written a post with it.

    • I wouldn’t without a keyboard attached. Unless I was super desperate and had only the iPad on hand.

      Still, it seems more and more people are using the iPad to write (with a keyboard, I would assume). Kind of makes me feel like an old codger, only writing at a desktop/laptop.

  2. Actually, the nav menu in the admin will automatically adjust to the condensed version when the window width is small enough. You can get this effect in a browser just by adjusting the size of the window.

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