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I’m excited to introduce a new show to WPCandy today called First Taste. In this series of videos a couple of us will sit down for a few minutes with a new theme or plugin and just try it out. It’s not a full written review, but it’s also more than just a quick look. Get a preview of a product, a feel for how it operates, and hear our candid thoughts in each episode.

In this episode of First Taste, Brian and I take a look at the new Pagelines Framework 2.0 that was released yesterday. I’ll be publishing a proper review shortly, but in the meantime you can have a First Taste in the video posted after the jump.

The video is embedded at the top of this post’s page.

Have something you’d like to see on First Taste?

First Taste is a fun way to get candid thoughts on a product out without doing a lengthy written review. We’ll likely be doing them quite a bit. If there’s a theme or a plugin you’d like to see on the show, or if you have a product you’d like to send our way, get in touch at .

16 thoughts on “First Taste: Pagelines Framework 2.0

    • Thanks, Paul : )

      We had some pretty hardcore technical difficulties on this one. My audio will be sorted out next time, and hopefully we won’t lose our first take of first taste! Look for more soon!

  1. Great start for a good idea for a show.

    Something that might add to it is to have a third party for each show who is an expert or developer related to the product you are exploring. That way you can ask them questions as you introduce yourselves and us to their product.


  2. Its a great great great product! I been testing this for awhile…Platform 1.5 had me designing 50% faster but with the 2.0 framework…Its 75% faster (no formal study but for real…Its much much faster to use for custom wordpress design or themes).

    The support is great and if you have any questions just find me on twitter @mikezielonka and I can give you any unbiased or unfiltered answers you would like!

  3. Platform pro 1.5 was easy to use, It was also great for css customization, and they added in some pretty cool features. Some of the features are lacking, and those features have been mentioned on their forums since it’s release, and a few of the members found some hacks for them and overall it is a really friendly community.

    Not every theme framework company can meet every single need of every single person.. I get that. I will say that they helped me solve a few issues with a site I was building for a client, either by responding to a request, or by me finding a similar request already in the forums.

    I paid $175.00 For the Developer Membership on 04/29/2011 Today’s date is 12/10/2011 So just under 8 months later if I want to use the new version as a developer I have to pay $198.50 and that is with a 50% off discount because I already owned the previous version. The actual price is $397.00 for new customers.

    Sorry I should restate this bit.. There is Platform Pro 1.5 and now there is Pagelines Framework 2.0 In their own words they are two separate products. I am entitled to lifetime upgrades only on the 1.5. In all fairness there is some confusion on their forum as to how this new product rolled out. I understand it, but at the same time you can’t help but feel a little shat upon. As a new product I think they added to the confusion and the bad feeling left in people’s mouths by calling it 2.0. Makes it seem like an upgrade. But at the same time they couldn’t really call it “big awesome shiny new framework not related to 1.5 at all”… that title is just to long.

    I’m not being some whinny child who doesn’t think they don’t deserve to get paid for all the hard work they put it. Of course they do, it is a good product. And when it comes right down to it, it is my own fault for not reading in more details the development package I bought and realizing that the lifetime upgrades only applied to 1.x versions. So it’s really the lifetime of the product, not lifetime. But again… you have to feel a little bad that they have a new product, that will need some bug fixes and lots of time for answering support questions as everyone gets used to it… which kind of makes you thing there will be less attention paid to 1.5 etc.

    I suppose they just have a different business model that what I am accustomed to when it comes to WordPress Frameworks.

    I currently own:
    Headway – Developer
    Catalyst – Developer
    Genesis – Everyone’s a developer basically.
    Startbox – Developer
    Builder – Developer
    Some Themes
    Xtreme one – developer
    and Pagelines Pro – Developer

    I’m sorry this post is so long btw… just a little more to go.

    If you look at a post you did previously, just for fun

    It shows the cost, and whether it is a yearly, montly, free or lifetime.
    (Oh… this is by no means a slight at wpcandy by the way, but merely part of my explanation and that I find it interesting.)

    So Catalyst, Headway, Genesis, Xtreme One and Pagelines Pro are all under lifetime. The rest all mention a yearly or montly fee. Again.. I am not blaming you for my assumption that Pagelines Pro was lifetime updates.. when purchasing it does mention “Lifetime” updates to 1.x.

    As a consumer.. all I know is that Catalyst, Headway, Genesis and Xtreme One include all future updates and all future versions for life, or lifetime. Headway just jumped to 3.0 and I got it right away! The Catalyst team, which has by far the greatest support forum and community out of all of the frameworks I own, is constantly updating their framework and will eventually give me Catalyst 2.0. Genesis is pumping out 1.8 soon when WordPress goes to 3.3. and are making it responsive out of the box which is pretty cool. Pagelines last update was in may. One month after I purchased It. Then nothing more. I know know that they were putting their time into the 2.0 framework. So it makes sense there were no cool or feature upgrades to 1.x

    Now, in one forum post Platform pro says that 2.0 is a new framework not related to 1.5. Then in another forum post they say “PageLines 2.0 is a major step forward in the power of the platform. It is faster, cleaner, and more robust. PageLines 2.0 is smart loading, has responsive design, more intelligent page handling, and a refined interface.”

    Well.. that really makes me want to continue using 1.5 now doesn’t it. I get it, its new, it’s better than what I have. If I want the new iPhone4s I can trade in my old one and get a discount, same as Pagelines is offering me a discount for already being a customer.

    I guess I feel a little slighted.. same as I feel slighted signing a 3 year contract with a cell phone company and being stuck with my current cell phone even though there are new versions rolling out all the time. If I want the better newer upgraded version… I have to pay for it.. such is life.

    So I guess after this long winded, painful excuse for a comment all I can really say is Pagelines technically has done nothing wrong. They offer a good product in most respects and deserve to be compensated for their development.

    But they sure don’t make you feel good about it, well maybe not you, but me, whether it is intentional or not. (Definitely not by anything they have ever said, they are well spoken friendly people on the forums.) Where so far Catalyst, Headway, Genesis and Builder(which is yearly) really do make you feel like you have made a solid purchase and the right decision. With the frequent updates to their blogs, their video tutorials, and their well documented “wiki’s”. It’s like I have my own team of genius developers in my back pocket. (Pagelines does have a good wiki).

    Where with Pagelines it just seems they are wanting my money. $175.00 + $198.50 = $373.50 in less than a year. But.. still less than Carrington Build per year, and they only allow one site for that price!

    Your question may be.. why do you need so many frameworks any way? I’m a junkie and need some professional help.. the truth is.. The support on each of the forums have been extremely beneficial to me and I have learned a lot from them, and I find different frameworks are suitable for different clients.

    • Hey

      I have Headway 3.0 and I think it’s quite a mess with their hierarchy system, that breaks down every two days, or as soon as you change from blog front page to static front page.

      as you have all the themes, could you tell briefly which are the best and why?

      I’m a newbie, that do understand html and some CSS, but do not know PHP, ajxa and all that kind off stuff!.

      You opinion would be much appreciated, as I want to buy a new and more stable them!


  4. @Chris – “The Catalyst team, which has by far the greatest support forum and community out of all of the frameworks I own…”

    Couldn’t agree more! And… that same superior support forum even comes with the lower priced Personal Edition as well.

    At the risk of turning this into an ad for Catalyst, this month marks their first anniversary so they’ve slashed their prices for the month. Sure wish WPCandy would give the Catalyst framework more attention… it’s earned it!

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  6. I’m in the same boat as @Chris. As someone who paid a premium for their lifetime developer edition of PlatformPro, I felt taken advantage of by Pagelines. To justify charging the people who hold a lifetime dev license, they claim this is a new product altogether. Pagelines claims that most of the changes are buried in the code and the structure of the framework is wildly different than PlatformPro, but to your average user it looks and functions suspiciously like PlatformPro. When existing customers brought this to Pagelines attention, their founder stated “If you guys don’t like it, don’t upgrade. Simple.” in their support forum.

    If only Pagelines were in the hands of a team that offered professional support and treated their current customers with respect. Pagelines has promise, but not if they can’t handle their client relationships better.

    • I agree. They offered a discount to upgrade for a very short time period when I didn’t have the money. I would have been happy to pay the discount price which they are no longer offering but I think it is a rip-off to have to pay full price when I already paid the 175? for the pro version just last year.

      The framework 2 has a lot of features I want but I feel jilted to have to pay full price.

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  8. I get the casual approach, but this video feels like I’m in the clubhouse with two guys who are figuring this out from scratch. It doesn’t feel like a review. Bailed 3 minutes in, sorry…

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