First Taste: Dashter plugin


In this episode of First Taste, Brian and I take a look at the recently released Dashter WordPress plugin. Dashter is a social Twitter plugin that at first glance (I thought) appeared to be little more than a Twitter app within the WordPress Dashboard. After this First Taste, though, Brian may have convinced me there’s more to the plugin than that.

The video is embedded at the top of this post’s page.

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3 thoughts on “First Taste: Dashter plugin

  1. I could see this being useful for clients who don’t really care about the social aspect of Twitter, but use it as a simple way to make news public.

    So say a magician, who doesn’t follow anyone, he can post his latest tricks and shows all from his dashboard, and even respond to @replies he gets. I see this being for ‘less techie’ people.

    One thing I did notice is that it appears that only a Solo Edition license exists, so I cant go and purchase an unlimited dev product.

    Might continue using for now until the price drops.

  2. After watching the demo video on their site it seems like there are some features you guys missed. The curate feature and it looks like there are some options with posts. This may make the $95 price more reasonable. Although they may wan’t to consider relative paths for the images on the checkout page since it has unsecured elements. And serve twitter as https on that page too. This makes me think they took shortcuts with the plugin development. Oh and calling something solo that works on 3 sites…

    But this does look cool and I may consider it if there will be a dev licence and a better demo vid to show what the plugin can do.

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