Interview with Brian McDaniel: Getting WordPress gigs from social media


There have been days for all of us where we have been sitting at our desk in the office and the thought of chucking it all and just setting up our own shop crosses our minds. No lame meetings, no politics, just doing what we are passionate about and ditching lame clients. Come on, admit it.

What has held most of us back is that pesky notion of paying bills and eating that really gets in the way of following our dreams. If you have ever had your own consulting business you are painfully aware of the “feast or famine” effect that makes us rethink the whole thing. If you are considering a career freelancing with WordPress one question you are likely to have is: Where will I get exposure and find clients?

Today we are interviewing Brian McDaniel (aka BK MacDaddy) a WordPress freelancer that has been pretty successful at keeping himself busy with the help of social media. In the interests of full disclosure, Brian and I were following each other on Twitter and we found mutual interests and eventually met up based on what we were tweeting about. When Brian announced he was moving back to San Francisco on Twitter, via a series of messages we ended up getting together for a couple of beers with a few other friends.

Read the full interview just after the break.

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