A Guide to the Actions API


WordPress theme frameworks have been all the rave nowadays, and rightly so. Everybody’s either using one or rolling their own flavor. Theme frameworks introduce several new concepts to theme authoring that till now, only plugin developers have been taking advantage of. In this article, I’m going to introduce you to the actions API, and break it down so you can understand how it all works.

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Got A WordPress Plugin Idea? We Want To Help.


As you might know, Weblog Tools Collection just started their WordPress Plugin Competition 2.5.

The WordPress Plugin Competition is in it’s third incarnation targeting the 2.5 release of WordPress.
Last year the contest generated some great plugins like Who Sees Ads, WordPress Automatic Upgrade, MyDashboard, and the grand prize winner, OneClick.

Now that it’s happening again this year, the WPCandy team thought about entering the competition, winning the prize and giving it to our readers!

The deadline is in two months, giving us enough time to create a plugin or two, and enter it into the competition. If you have a plugin idea and would like to enter it into the competition but don’t know how to develop it, leave a comment and we’ll vote on the best ones.

If your plugin gets chosen, we’ll give you credit inside the code and with a post here linking back to your blog. Remember though, your idea can’t be something that already exist! It has to be totally new and of course, it’s going to be GPL.

In the next few weeks, I’ll post another update covering which plugin(s) we’ll be entering in the competition.