Illacrimo – Business Style Theme


Well i was searching for professional looking themes and i came across the Illacrimo theme. Its an interesting design, its a very clean and professional theme. I would see this theme as being used as blog for a company, thats how professional i think it looks.

This theme was designed by Design Disease, who have designed other themes such as the Blogging Pro theme.

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Submit Your Plugin, Theme or Site for Review


Yes that’s right, you can submit your plugin, theme or site to WPCandy and if we like it we’ll write an article about it. It’s that simple.

Everything that is submitted is reviewed and then we will decide whether or not to make a post about it.
So if you’ve just released something fabulous and new for WordPress then send us a link and a bit of information about what it is and what it does and we’ll get back in contact with you if and when we post an article about it.

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Exec-PHP WordPress Plugin


Now this is an interesting plugin. One, for its features and two, because of the way the author has documented the plugin. It’s amazing how much time they must have spent on documenting it all. Take a look for yourself Exec-PHP.

The idea of this plugin is that you can add and execute PHP code to static pages and even blog posts through your WordPress site. If you didn’t have this, you would have to enter to code by editing the files of your theme and it may not work the same way as you might possibly want it to.


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WPCandy Plugin


No we haven’t created a plugin. Although me and Mike would like to create some plugins to make to make it easier for you all. Whats that? Tell us your ideas? Hmmm maybe not at the moment, maybe sometime in the future. Maybe a project for me and Mike in the upcoming months?

Anyway back to the subject, there is a plugin that shares our name. The WPCandy plugin allows you to add snippets of text or as the plugin says “a candy” into a specific location on a page without having to add it into the theme manually all the time.

wpcandy plugin

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Modicus 0.2


We know we haven’t posted articles on themes as regularly as we should, but one reason is I have a new edition to my family: a new baby brother! So its difficult for me to go looking for new stuff to post, because at the moment I’m looking after my sister while the baby settles in.

Plus me and the other Mike are updating things on the site and trying to add the forums, so were trying to bring you as much content as possible so bare with us!

In the meantime check out the Modicus 0.2.

Modicus 0.2

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Whats New in WordPress 2.3.1?


So you maybe thinking is it worth updating to WordPress 2.3.1 or should I leave it at 2.3?

Well there was been several changes to the system and one security fix, which is always nice to know that the WordPress developers are taking care of your blog.

WordPress 2.3.1
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The RSS Feed of WPCandy


Yes that’s correct. WPCandy has an RSS Feed. Where can I find the RSS Feed? Well it’s easy – scroll down the page and look under Syndication in the sidebar and choose one of the RSS feeds. Tha’ts all.

So what does this mean? Well for those who don’t know, it means you can subscribe to the RSS Feed and instead of having to visit the site everyday to check for new posts you check the RSS Feed. Then if there is anything new you can click the link and it will take you directly to the post. Life couldn’t get much better huh?

If you can’t find the RSS Feed then just click here.



Now everyone who loves technology knows that a mobile phone called the iPhone rocked the world earlier this year and Apple said that you would be able to create 3rd party apps for it.

Well what Steve Jobs meant was you could create 3rd party web applications for the iPhone, not native ones. So the internet had a boom in iPhone only web apps, but someone with a smart brain decided to take advantage of the web apps and create an amazing plugin for WordPress.


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TAGStention for WordPress Users


In the beginning there was the brain. The brain remembered all the code from the WordPress codex needed to create a WordPress theme Then the brain was over taken over by the much easier and simpler WPCandy WordPress Reference Guide where your brain would only have to apply the copy and paste command.
Now your brain is about to become much more lazier. How, you ask. Well thats where TAGStention comes in.

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