Tickets for WordCamp Edinburgh UK 2012 go on sale


If you’ve awaited news on WordCamp Edinburgh UK 2012 and when ticket sales start, then today is your lucky day. You can now get your hands on an early bird ticket for £35, as long as you order it before June 1st when it increases to £45. The ticket price entitles you to two days worth of speakers and a social event on Saturday night. What more could you want?

Sponsorships are also available, ranging from £75 to £1,000 (which covers the official social event on Saturday night).

So are you looking forward to WordCamp Edinburgh UK and your visit to Scotland?

WordCamp Austin 2012 date set for Saturday, May 19th


You might remember WordCamp Austin 2010 was a huge success, and the organisers are hoping this year’s event will fare even better. Who knows — perhaps having it at a different time of the years might help.

The location of the event has changed. It’s now hosted in the AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine Campus, which looks pretty nice if you ask me! There are five different buildings with ample free parking.

If you would like to speak at the event you’ll need to submit your proposal before March 15th. Voting on each session begins on the 19th. You can check out some of the sessions already pitched, since you wouldn’t want to clash with someone on the exact same topic.

Sponsorships are still available if you or your business wants to help out as well.

The tickets aren’t currently available, but organisers are hoping to have them ready for sale by the end of the month, so you’ve not got that long to wait. Are you planning on attending?

WordCamp San Diego tickets available and going quick


Earlier on today, literally hours ago, tickets for WordCamp San Diego (on March 24th and 25th) went on sale. Now if you’re not quick, then you’re going to be disappointed and (possibly) miss out completely. They started off with 200 tickets, and at the time of writing this only 40 tickets remain!

So I suggest you stop reading, go order you ticket(s), and then come back. Sound cool?

Right, got them? Good. Let’s continue.

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BuddyPress and bbPress Codexes see big updates


Last weekend, when everyone else was taking a break, John James Jacoby took the time out to refresh the BuddyPress Codex along with creating the new bbPress Codex too. Both are running on WordPress.

In the announcement made on the blog Jacoby said:

You may not know it but we’ve had a codex here at since the early days. It’s mostly made life really difficult and forced everyone into the forums or to other sites for help. Today, I’m really happy to report that the core team has spent some time this weekend to finally refresh the BuddyPress Codex.

No official announcement was posted on the bbPress blog, but it was mentioned on Twitter.

Continue reading releases a plugin for blogging your social media stories


Earlier this week announced their brand new plugin for WordPress, which integrates with your site allowing you to use your account from within your Dashboard. It seems this particular feature is highly requested by Storify users who also blog with WordPress.

You might be wondering just who, or rather what, Storify are? In short, you would use Storify to drop in social media stories on your blog, instead of using something like Twitter Blackbird Pie. You also might have seen Storify used regularly by the White House, New York Times, Washington Post, and many others, gathering all the social going-ons and delivering it all in one place. To quote their about page:

Storify helps its users tell stories by curating social media.

I like that. I like it a lot.

With the number of WordPress events with many attendees and chatter happening on social networks, I can imagine the WordPress community really jumping on board and taking advantage of Storify now.  Have you ever used before? Does the plugin make it more appealing than it might be otherwise?

WordUp Glasgow 2012 will take place on Saturday February 4th


Following up on the very successful WordUp Edinburgh last year Martin Young and Taryn Wallis announced their next un-conference event for WordPress fans in the United Kingdom. This time the event is in Glasgow, and more specifically within the IET Glasgow: Teacher Building in St. Enoch Square.

The venue’s capacity is 125 people so it should be able to handle anyone who wants to attend, which is what the organizers like about it. “We had to turn people away who wanted to come along [to Edinburgh], and then 12 people who had booked a place didn’t turn up, so it was very frustrating to have had to turn people away,” Young said.

Due to the higher cost of this event’s venue (and, the organizers hope, to increase attendance from those committed) you can pick up your ticket for a small sum of £5 (plus the Eventbrite Fee of £0.78). This entitles you entry to WordUp Glasgow, your lunch (sandwiches I’m told), and refreshments throughout the day.

Do you have your ticket yet?

WordPress for Android 2.0 is here, plus a new site design


It’s been a while in the works, but WordPress for Android 2.0 has finally been released. Heck, I drafted this entire post on my Android (edited on the PC), just to really take it for a test run. While I probably wouldn’t recommend it for huge posts, I got there in the end.

So what’s new? Well I’m glad you asked:

  • New UI: action bar and dashboard
  • New post editor
  • Tablet support
  • Stats chart improvements
  • Uploading posts in the background
  • Read Feature improvements
  • In post list, Post Status now displayed
  • Post Format support included
  • Reliability improvements and more general bug fixes

Be sure to check out the accompanying video for a hands-on feel of the new app.

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