Pippin Williamson launches membership section with more tutorials and plugins


Learning to develop WordPress plugins is becoming simpler due WordPress’ extensive and helpful community. At PippinsPlugins.com, Pippin Williamson is building a bit of a teaching community of his own. In addition to the free tutorials, beginning January 1st users can register and access subscriber-only tutorials as well as gain access to previews of new plugins, member-only giveaways, and more as the year progresses.

His prices seem pretty reasonable, too: a free trial for four days, or $2 per day, $6 per month, or $60 per year.

I spoke with Pippin to learn a bit more about his project. Pippin says the goal of the subscription model is to provide him the means to produce large quantities of high quality content—both tutorials and plugins. He says that he isn’t trying to create the WordPress tutorial site or outdo others, but just trying to offer tutorials that he hasn’t seen before in his own way. For instance, he argues that while “there never needs to be another tutorial written on how to create custom post types, but there do need to be tutorials written on really great ways to use custom post types.”

In the coming weeks Pippin says he will be seeking out other developers who are interested in contributing editorials. He plans to write the bulk of the content, but would like to see at least one guest tutorial per month.

Have you tried out any of Pippin’s tutorials on his site yet? Where do you go to find the most useful WordPress tutorials?

Shopp plugin updates to, fixes security issue


Shopp, an e-commerce plugin for WordPress, has just released version, a security patch recommended for all users. This release addresses a security vulnerability related to catalog searches. The plugin’s developers discovered the issue when a member of their community reported it to them.

You can read more about the vulnerability and the fix on the Shopp blog, but in short: update if you’re using it on any of your sites.

Semper Fi Web Design launches shop to sell and support commercial plugins


Semper Fi Web Design, Michael Torbert’s company and the folks behind the All in One SEO Pack plugin, have launched their own plugin shop at SemperPlugins.com. The shop launched on Monday and is the new home for the AIOSEO Pack plugin, which is, statistically speaking, one of the most popular plugins of all time.

Along with the launch, anything listed for sale on Semper Plugins is 30% off. That discount will run until New Year’s Eve, so jump on it quick if you’re interested.

What do you think of this new commercial plugin shop? What’s your favorite place to buy WordPress plugins?

BuddyPress 1.6 will bring separate admin area for Activity


BuddyPress, the popular and free social plugin for WordPress, will be adding an activity administration screen in the upcoming 1.6 update. Right now all activity stream management is handled on the front end of BuddyPress-enabled sites, but with 1.6 it will be manageable the same way posts, comments, and other content are managed. For a closer look at what the new screens will offer, see the gallery Paul Gibbs posted to the BuddyPress development blog.

I’ve tested this out already, and can confirm that it works as promised. You can test it out too—just grab the development build of BuddyPress on Trac—though you definitely shouldn’t use it on any live sites yet.

Are you excited to see see BuddyPress management screens beginning to make the move onto the dashboard?

Peaxl celebrates their first Christmas with a $25 theme deal


Peaxl—the French Alps/Belgium/Switzerland-based theme shop you might remember launched back in August—is saying thanks to their community this month by offering the opportunity to pick up their entire collection (or whatever you need to complete your collection) for just $25. That’s for all four of Peaxl’s themes.

If you are looking to add a few themes to your collection this is a pretty solid offer. On a normal day you’d spend $106 for all the Peaxl themes. At $25 you save $81. I can think of worse ways to wish someone a Merry Christmas, can’t you?

Things get more revealing for wp.me and Twitter


Things improved for those on WordPress.com last week, when Matt Mullenweg announced enhanced Twitter embedding on their hosted service. That’s awesome for them, but many of you run your own blogs and will care about the other part of the announcement, which is that you can now preview a wp.me link in a tweet without leaving the Twitter website.

Links shortened using the wp.me URL (which is available for self-hosted sites using the Jetpack plugin) will now offer up previews when viewing a tweet on Twitter.com. I took the liberty of testing it out and was very happy with the results. In addition to that, Matt mentioned that linking your Twitter account to your Gravatar profile will now enable a simpler follow button so others can follow you right from that page.

Does anyone here use the wp.me shortened URLs, or do you stick to using your own site’s short links?

ThemeFuse is giving away prizes for purchasing their themes in December


December is here, and so is the holiday cheer. It puts many in the mood to give, and ThemeFuse is no exception. ThemeFuse normally accepts $49 in exchange for theme files and support, but this month purchasing a theme will enter you to win a cash prize of either $500, $750, or $1,000. There are also a number of $50 and $100 prizes to be handed out as well.

Think of the competition as winning a refund for your theme purchase. Plus a whole lot of interest. Check out their site for more information.

WPEngineer rings in the season with their Advent Calendar


Once more it’s December, and WP Engineer has started it off with a bang—or in this case, a gift sitting behind a door. I’m referring to their Christmas Advent Calendar, which they’ve been doing each winter season since 2009.

For those who don’t know, an Advent Calendar is a special calendar used to count/celebrate the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas. Think of it as a countdown. Traditionally the calendar has windows that hold a gift for each day. WP Engineer is using the same system to offer up useful WordPress tips throughout the month.

You can stay up to date with their Advent Calendar by subscribing to WP Engineer feed or following them on Twitter.