Book review: WordPress Top Plugins


I have spent the last several days reviewing WordPress Top Plugins by Brandon Corbin and all I can say is WOW – why didn’t I know this was available!

This valuable book provides an overview of some of the best WP plugins you could ever use including WP-DBManager, BuddyPress, WPTouch, NextGen Gallery, and more.  Brandon methodically lays out a road map on understanding how to install plugins, how they work, and managing them.

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The future of the premium theme business


The WordPress community has many times been divided by the legitimacy or ethical purpose behind the premium theme business. There are the camps that believe all things created for WordPress should be free in line with the open source value WordPress was built on. Then there are the camps who have fought to show that there is a need for paid themes in the marketplace and that there is nothing wrong with earning a nice profit for their work. Regardless of which camp you stand in, there is no argument that premium products have made WordPress better as a whole and that the ultimate client, the end user, has benefited greatly from these tools. But where is the premium theme market heading and will these ʻethicalʼ concerns be a thing of the past?

More and more developers and designers are entering the market and creating their own themes or child theme. Theme provider sites such as ThemeGarden, ThemeForest, and Mojo Themes are quickly growing and bringing great competition to the “Big Four” theme companies. Then there are a plethora of theme frameworks such as Genesis, Startbox, Carrington, Thematic, and Xtreme One that are beneficial but may further complicate – or dilute – the premium market place. Finally, it also appears that many of the WordPress purists are finally coming to grip with the reality and value of paid products as long as they adhere to the WordPress GPL.

What does the mean for the premium theme business?

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