WordPress Pulls the Plug on Premium Themes


First the news got out that 200 themes were pulled out out of the WordPress.org Theme Directory. The action was done overnight with no prior warning to the theme authors affected, and this sparked some responses within the community, most notable from Justin Tadlock (Automattic putting the boot to premium theme developers) and Jeff Chandler (Why Were 200 WordPress Themes Removed?). Jeff also posted to the wp-hackers mailing list inquiring about this issue, which then generated some interesting discussions as well.

Then, Matt explained what had happened. On Inquisitr’s “More Hypocrisy from Mullenweg and WordPress with new themes jihad” (wow!) post, Matt also explained that there were close to 300 themes removed, most of them were actually themes that didn’t comply with the guidelines but went in anyway. Inquisitr wasn’t the only one getting unhappy about this: some others like David Peralty (WordPress’ “GPL” and Theme Mess) and that girl again (“here we go again“) weighed in their opinion as well.

Alister Cameron did a thoughtful article (“Matt Mullenweg, WordPress, GPL and why I think he really gets it.“) on the issue with another follow-up by Jeff Chandler (“More Thoughts On Premium Themes”). Another recommended reading was done by kristarella, “WordPress and the GNU General Public License”.

For those interested to know further, WP Weekly’s 2 hours of interview with Matt covered a lot about this. Also, WP Snippets did the community a great deal of service by transcribing the long interview (part one | part two | part three) with more part forthcoming as per this article.

What do you guys think? Was it smart for WordPress to do this? Sound off in the comments!

Create Portable WordPress Sandbox


Quick tutorial on creating a portable install of Apache2, MySQL5, PHP5, PHPMyAdmin, and WordPress. Great for testing purposes or even just playing around with WordPress. Windows only (supports from Win 98 to Vista). [Link]

100+ Tweets on the 2.7 Release


Here are 100+ tweets of people’s comment on the WordPress 2.7 release. All these tweets were posted in a span of only about 5 hours, which to me shows that the release sure did generate quite some buzz!

@tiddlytwinks: Howdy everyone! I’m anxious to read more on the WordPress 2.7 upgrade and any bugs or problems before doing any upgrading.

@cherylprolapse: loves loves loves loves LOVES the new wordpress (2.7). Keeps getting better and it is christ’ing free ‘naids!

@sean_lynch: Upgraded to WordPress 2.7 as soon as it came out so I can’t possibly update the day before the next version gets released

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Desk Mess Theme Review



Desk Mess is a two columns (sidebar to the right), widget and gravatar-ready theme. From the theme’s description:

Casual work-desk theme for a different blogging experience. Brought to you by Geek with Laptop

What I think is nice about this theme:

Why, it looks good, doesn’t it? The header area is a major point of interest for this theme, resembling a messy desk from which this theme gets its name. Aside from the somewhat puzzling look of the top nav (pieces of paper stapled to the desk), the whole thing looks quite realistic and nice.

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