Book review: WordPress Bible 2nd Edition


Sometimes the line between hobbyist and professional can be a blurry one. And regardless of your chosen niche, whether it be cooking, knitting or coding, there are the essential readings, books, magazines and, nowadays, websites that everyone reads. The WordPress Bible, 2nd Edition is just that book for WordPress.

While reading it I was constantly reminded of the Haynes Manuals for car enthusiasts.

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Book review: WordPress For Dummies, 3rd Edition


It has been my experience that even experts in a field sometimes need a refresher in the basics. Either the fundamentals have changed since they were students or there are minor details that they never need to know before. Sometimes you just need to go back to school.

Just as important are the subjects it doesn’t cover.

WordPress For Dummies, by Lisa Sabin-Wilson is the perfect primer for WordPress. Between the iconic yellow covers are the integral basics everyone should know but maybe didn’t learn. I have never had the need to really dig in and learn about, setting up a MU network or importing a site from Blogger, but it’s all in there. And I know I’m not the only one who has had a client ask a basic question that just stumped them. This is the perfect go-to resource for those situations.

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Book Review: WordPress & Ajax


You might remember Ronald Huereca as our WordCamp Austin ticket “winner”. I had the pleasure of talking with him at the event and quickly realized he knows his stuff, so much so that he was a presenter at WordCamp Philly last year. It is a good thing then that he has put some of his knowledge down on virtual paper.

WordPress & Ajax” is not a book for the casual WordPress user. It is an informative read on using the power of Ajax to make websites more dynamic and user friendly so a working knowledge of PHP and jQuery is needed to follow along. The book would probably most benefit WordPress developers who have an idea what Ajax can do, but not how to implement it in their own work.

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WordCamp Austin was a huge success


For a tech-centric city it is amazing that Austin has never been home to a WordCamp until yesterday and considering the response to the event it was long overdue. While people came from all over Texas to attend, the speakers were all local to the greater Austin area. Tickets for WordCamp Austin were sold out in mid-October and every seat at CoSpace was filled when the day began.

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