VaultPress now performs security scans on core WordPress files


A new feature was enabled last week for premium VaultPress users: WordPress core file scanning. Since VaultPress knows which version of WordPress you’re running, as well as which files that version should include, VaultPress can monitor your files and let you know if something weird is going on (using MD5 checksum, a sort of digital fingerprint).

As Brian Colinger explains on the VaultPress blog:

On our initial scan of your site, we perform all three of these steps for each of the 750+ WordPress core files. This scan creates a baseline that we can compare against in future scans. If the MD5 checksum of a core file doesn’t match, we notify you through an alert in the security tab of your VaultPress dashboard. A variation in the checksum means that the file has been modified from the original version that came with your WordPress install.

If you weren’t the one who modified a file, it’s possible that your site has been hacked and malicious code injected. In that case, you can contact the VaultPress Safekeeper team from your dashboard and we’ll help you diagnose and correct the problem.

Colinger explains that future versions of the scanner will store a diff of file changes to show exactly what has been changed in each file. Malicious code detection will be in a future version as well.

Those interested in this security feature but not the $40/month price tag can check out the WP File Monitor and Exploit Scanner plugins, both free and both in the Plugin Directory.

Organize Series plugin version 2.2.5 released


After weeks of hard work, the WordPress plugin Organize Series has been updated to version 2.2.5. With much help from users and fans from the WordPress community, version 2.2.5 has eliminated all reported bugs.

Darren Ethier, the developer behind Organize Series, is very appreciative of all the support and feedback that allowed him to to modify and update the plugin.

As posted by Ethier, the bugs fixed are:

  • fix for scheduled posts not retaining a set series part number.  When users scheduled posts that were part of a series they were unable to have any number they entered for series part “stick”.  Should work as expected now!
  • fix for “<<Manage Series” showing up in the browser title when a series archive page is displayed.  I’ve completely removed that text and now just the “Series: {series title} << {Blog Title}” is showing up.

Download your copy of Organize Series 2.2.5 at the Plugin Directory.

Fixed rate shipping module available at GetShopped


Available at now, the fixed rate shipping module allows local and small businesses to charge with fixed shipping rates. Special and custom shipping options are available, including adding separate locations. As explained at GetShopped:

…for example if your business is located in Manhattan you may offer free shipping in Manhattan, but charge a little fee for the delivery in the rest of New York. Or if your business is in Italy you may want to charge extra for delivery to islands like Sicily and Sardinia.

You can download this plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory. Keep in mind, you will need the WP e-Commerce plugin as well.

If you are a small or local business selling products online, you need to check this one out!

NattyWP releases Comodo WordPress theme


NattyWP introduced a new WordPress theme called Comodo this week. A brand new and personable theme, Comodo offers features that allow you to showcase your personal profiles and add custom backgrounds. Check out the theme overview, as seen on

  • Amazing layout with 28 different jQuery staging effects. You can control slide speed and slide style.
  • Integrated Custom post types: Portfolio and custom taxanomies (categories for Portfolio). You can add your portfolio items just like usual posts or pages.
  • 9 custom Page Templates for Blog, Portfolio, Contact page, Archives, Sitemap, etc.
  • A completely widgetized sidebar with 10 NattyWP custom widgets.
  • 20 custom Shortcodes to style your page content.

Comodo Theme is available for purchase at!

Pilcrow theme now available at, soon in the theme directory

4 has introduced Pilcrow, a new clean blog theme with a professional look. The older PressRow theme will begin phasing out this week, after the launch of its replacement, Pilcrow. Theme Wrangler Ian Stewart explains,

Pilcrow is an upgrade to the older PressRow theme we’ll begin phasing out next week. But Pilcrow isn’t just a simple replacement. We’ve pulled out all the stops to make sure it’s a better theme all around.

Pilcrow keeps the familiar, simple and clean PressRow look but we’ve expanded its basic design over six possible layouts and up to four sidebars and widget areas. The choice of theme layout is all yours.

In addition, Pilcrow allows you to upload your own headers and customizations. Head over to the to get your Pilcrow on!

Embed tweets into your WordPress blog with the Twitter Blackbird Pie plugin


Do you usually take screenshots, upload them, and then embed the images just to share tweets on your blog? It is now as simple as using the Twitter Blackbird Pie plugin. With Twitter Blackbird Pie you can display all your tweets in their glorious fashion rather than just simple images or URLs. recently enabled this on their user’s blogs, but you can install it yourself if you run your own WordPress installation. Once you have it set, simply copy the URL to your tweet into your post or page and the plugin will do the rest!

Twitter Blackbird Pie is the perfect way to bring discussion back to your blog in an engaging fashion. You can download it from the Plugin Directory and run it on your self-installed WordPress blog today.

The Theme Foundry updates Paperpunch to 2.1


The Theme Foundry is a theme company that has released five high quality themes to the community. Recently they introduced an updated version of their Paperpunch theme, version 2.1 specifically.

The new changes, according to The Theme Foundry:

  • Consolidated functions file to improve theme load time
  • Removed an extra function from the comments template (now in WP core)
  • Added automatic feed links function
  • Cleaned up the master stylesheet and added a table of contents
  • Organized functions.php file and added a table of contents

You can follow The Theme Foundry on their blog and on Twitter @thethemefoundry.

Themify launches the Themify Designer Program


Ever had an idea for a theme but do not possess the skills to develop your own? Themify has launched the Themify Designer Program, which allows you to submit your design and have it realized.

The program offers:

  • 20% of each theme sale from the theme
  • Featured bio, link, image and other pertinent information associated to the theme as it’s designer
  • Themify handles all the coding (HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP), marketing, sales, and support

That’s what you get from Themify. And in return, they want:

  • A fully realized WordPress theme design template .PSD file (this includes a *home page, *single blog page with comments, *categories page, *search results page, *static page, *active / hover states of links and other functional elements and any other pages or assets necessary for your design be developed)
  • The suggested name of the theme
  • A description of who it’s intended audience is and how you’re meeting their needs with the themes design and/or intended functionality
  • A short list of 2-3 unique functional points you’d like to see built into your design

Applications must be sent via email to [email protected] with the subject line “Application – Themify Designer Program.”

This is a great program for the novice or inexperienced. Find your inner theme developer with the Themify Designer Program!

Take a ride on Carousel, the new theme from Obox


Obox Design introduced Carousel this week, a new theme for photographers. You can see their excitement for launching this theme in their announcement post:

The moment we did the fist mockup of this theme we could not wait to get it out, usually we tend to stretch a themes development over a 5 week period but in this case it was only 3 weeks.

Key features of this new theme include:

  • A widgetized home page
  • A new archive design with jQuery Masonry effects
  • Gallery commenting (a brand new feature for Obox Themes)
  • Four dark and four light color options (eight total)

Check out the Carousel theme page, or jump straight into the demo.

Buckle up with Tokokoo’s new e-commerce theme, Kakileema


WordPress theme shop Tokokoo has released a new e-commerce theme called Kakileema. Tokokoo has published a number of WordPress e-commerce themes, and Kakileema seems to be just as solid as the rest of their work.

The theme’s features include:

  • WordPress e-Commerce Plugin integration
  • Widget ready, with 9 widgetized spots
  • Tim Thumb support to resize images
  • Multiple product images
  • Supports multiple languages. You can change the inline text language on your own.

Read more about Kakileema, or jump into the theme demo.