The first WP on Tour was a huge success


WP on Tour Crew 2012

The 15th of January through the 22nd finally saw its first WP on Tour go live. WPCandy mentioned WP on Tour here before, but it’s basically a bunch of WordPress developers (of all shapes and sizes) sharing a working space for a week.  This first edition saw 10 of us — yes, I was fortunate to be among them — in a beautiful house in Sitges, Spain having fun and co-working for 7 days.

You can find the full list of WP on Tour attendees on this Twitter list, You might have noticed some of your WordPress buddies on Twitter mentioning the #wpontour hashtag and you might have concluded that we had a lot of fun…

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Modemlooper stops dialing in for BuddyPress


Yesterday web developer Modemlooper announced on Twitter that he will stop working on his BuddyChimp project which was aimed towards bringing a social WordPress / BuddyPress to a mobile audience.

In a statement displayed on, he said:

My concern is developing a business around another developers software that may not meet my goals down the road. I’m already seeing a road block/offramp in the horizon. Not to mention that BuddyPress wasn’t developed with a mobile first approach.

Even though BuddyPress is open source it’s future roadmap is controlled by someone else and like I stated they may decide to do something that won’t mesh with my goal; bringing a social WordPress to mobile that can be innumerably customized. Sure you can suggest things to be added or changed to core BuddyPress but it’s ultimately somebody else’s decision to allow it or not and if so could take longer than I or you’d like to accomplish a goal.

While I’m not sure what exactly happened, I do think it’s a shame to see another BuddyPress developer decide to calls it quits. Personally I always get a little sad when a plugin developer comes to a point where he no longer want to expand or even continue his current plugins.

What is your take on this? Do you think developers quitting projects is just something that is inevitable when dealing with open source community projects, or do you think Modemlooper‘s decision is too extreme?

For Modemlooper’s full message, see the text just after the jump.

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WP Swag Store opens its door again, kinda


WP Swag Store

In case you missed it when this one happened: the WP Swag Store is back online. When I saw Jane announce the reboot of the WP Swag Store on Twitter the other day I got excited. However, after refreshing all day and seeing no change I just figured it had taken a bit more time to set things up properly. My expectations were off though, and not just about the URL.

Swag Store has opened again, but on a different domain and now powered by Hello Merch. But that Hello Merch is powered by VirtueMart and Joomla! caused me to go hmmm. I couldn’t help but wonder how that came about.

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