10 Things You can Do with WordPress Besides Blogging


Today you’re going to learn 10 things you can do with WordPress besides blogging, and whether you’re a WordPress newbie or longtime veteran – I guarantee that you will learn something after reading this post!

While WordPress is the world’s most popular self-hosted blogging solution, it’s also an open source CMS (Content Management Solution). WordPress is known for it’s blogging capabilities, but being a CMS as well it can do nearly anything that can be done within a web site. Like a Forum, photo gallery, web directory, classifieds site, jobs board, news site, and more! The advantage of doing these kinds of things within WordPress are that you can use it for either blogging or other features in as well!

Imagine being able to create a web directory, but use WP RSS, comments, pingback, plugin, and theme features? Consider the ability to add a blog within a subsection of a web site without having to install a separate instance of WordPress there (because WP runs your entire site!).

There are probably hundreds (if not thousands) of things you can do with WordPress that aren’t blogging, but here are the top 10 ones I could think of to get the gears turning inside your head!

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Monday Morning Roundup – April 27, 2009



Automattic now owns WP.com – it doesn’t really have any great significance yet, but Automattic announced this week that they now have the ownership of WP.com and are brainstorming ideas of what they could do with it. News release

Smashing Magazine Community WordPress Theme Voting – Smashing Magazine is holding an awesome contest with PSD2WordPress to create a WordPress theme, in which the community gets to decide what kind of theme the team at SM will create. Voting is open now for another day, I think, so make sure to let them know what kind of theme you want to see! [Link]

WooThemes releases free Meta-Morphosis theme – WooThemes has a reputation for great themes with lots of features. Most of those themes are licensed, but luckily there’s a few on their site with great features that don’t cost a cent. Their latest, Meta-Morphosis, is one of those. Features include a widget slider, JavaScript font replacement, and an awesome backend packed with blog options including 8 different color schemes. Theme Info


13 Great WordPress Speed Tips & Tricks for MAX Performance – learn some handy tricks on how to speed up your WordPress blog, such as database optimization, caching plugins, compression, and more. [Link]

15 “PSDtuts like” WordPress Themes – if you’ve ever taken a look at ThemeForest, you’ll notice that a lot of themes are heavily influenced by PSDTUTS and its sister sites. Here’s a neat list of 15 themes that share similar design characteristics. [Link]


Tweet shortened URL of current page to Twitter – Derek Punsalan of 5THIRTYONE explains how to shorten your own blog’s URLs using .htaccess to leave more room for text in Twitter. [Link]

How to exclude specific tag from query_posts – as I’ve noticed from working on numerous themes at WPCoder, having “featured” posts is really a popular feature these days. The easiest way to do this is probably to tag posts with “featured” instead of having a dedicated category, so here’s how to exclude those posts from the rest of the loops on your site. [Link]

How to Integrate Twitter to WordPress Blog Comments – everyone likes a link back to their Twitter profile, right? (mine is @danphilibin) In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to let your blog commentators share a link to their Twitter profile if they enter that in the website URL field when commentating. Awesome! [Link]

Add a Widgetized Footer to Your WordPress Theme – who says widgets are just for sidebars? I’ve seen them used in plenty of other places, including footers, which is exactly what you’ll learn to do in this tutorial. [Link]

A Guide to CSS and WordPress: Part 1


In this tutorial we’ll review the basics of CSS and WordPress, such as image alignment and useful classes, and then next week in part two, I’ll show you some examples of seemingly complex things you can accomplish with just a bit of CSS.

To allow for flexibility, WordPress adds a number of CSS classes on elements across the site to make it easier to customize. Probably the most important set of these classes is for post images. A good WordPress theme has classes for left, center, and right alignment as well as styling for captions. It’s really easy to add these styles to your theme.

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Monday Morning Roundup – April 20, 2009


Happy Birthday!

WPZOOM is celebrating their first birthday! To celebrate the occasion, they’re giving away a copy of their own Yamidoo Magazine theme and are discounting the theme by 50% for the next week. Congratulations to Pavel Ciorici, WPZOOM owner, for putting together a great weblog. He certainly has something to be proud of! [Link]


WordPress HelpCenter Launched – Alex King announces a new site by Crowd Favorite – WordPress HelpCenter. They provide all kinds of WordPress-related services such as support, theme installation and upgrades, customization, and more. Pretty cool! [Link]

P2 Released – P2, the long-awaited upgrade to the Prologue theme, was released this week. P2 is a unique blog theme in that it’s made for short Twitter-like updates instead of full blog posts. [Link]


NETTUTS+ Complete PSD to WordPress Tutorial – NETTUTS+ has released a massive 14-episode, 3+ hour tutorial on how to convert a PSD into a WordPress theme. The only requirement is that you have a NETTUTS+ account, butu at $9 a year and loads of awesome content that comes with it, it’s most definitely a steal. [Link]

How To Make Any WordPress Theme A Blank Framework“…any WordPress theme can be a theme framework” says Ian Stewart. And that’s exactly what this tutorial explains how to do. [Link]

10 Exceptional WordPress Hacks – Looking to learn a few more WordPress tricks? Smashing Magazine’s latest article has ten helpful tips to make your themes and sites even better. [Link]

How to widgetize your page menu in WordPress – take even more control over your pages by widgetizing your page menu, which will allow you to add things like custom drop down menus and other widgets to your dynamic page menus. [Link]


41 Great Looking Free WordPress Themes – who says great themes have to be paid for? HongKiat has a list of 41 cool, unique themes that might be a great choice for your own blog. [Link]

35 WordPress Theme Releases for April 2009 – WPZOOM rounds up 35 of the best themes released this past month. [Link]

The most rare and unique WordPress themes – if unique is your thing, then this collection is for you. Inspired Magazine presents ten free and premium themes with atypical layouts and features. [Link]


On using WordPress Theme Frameworks – Ptah Dunbar offers his thoughts on how theme frameworks should work – parent themes provide the functionality, child themes build on top of it. Agreed. [Link]


There were three notable redesigns this week in the WordPress community. Must be that time of year!

WordCamp CentralThemeShaperTheme

WordCamp Central redesigned with a cleaner layout, better organization, and an awesome Google Map of past and upcoming WordCamps!

ThemeShaper got an overhaul last week to showcase some of the things that Thematic, the popular framework that resides on ThemeShaper, can do. Introduction Article

Theme Hybrid, the home of Justin Tadlock’s Hybrid framework and some awesome (free!) child themes, has a new look that, among other things, does a better job at promoting the downloadable themes on the site. Introduction Article

Monday Morning Roundup – April 13, 2009


Happy Monday! Hopefully everyone had a good Easter. Our dinners were stuffing and I personally received enough jelly beans to last me for a year. Anyway, it’s been another interesting week in the WordPress-o-Sphere with some news about WordPress 2.8, a gripe about the theme directory, and even a WordPress Rap. Here’s a roundup of last week’s WordPress discussion.

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How to make the most out of your sidebar


By Pontus Etéus

When designing a WordPress site, many people overlook the power of the sidebar. It’s an excellent way to display information, and an even better way to display page-relevant information that doesn’t really fit into the “content” area of that page. Better yet, using dynamic content for the sidebar will make sure the user pays attention to it, since it (generally) displays less cluttered information and is obviously relevant to the page the user is currently browsing. Examples would be posts in the same category, author information, or specific ads for specific categories.

What I will cover here today are various methods of displaying dynamic content for your sidebar. I know a few myself, but I also went ahead and looked for various other methods.

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Monday Morning Roundup – April 6, 2009


40 Excellent Free WordPress Themes

Mirko Humbert presents a great collection of well-designed and free themes for use on your blog or website. There are plenty of premium themes out there but it’s great to see that there are many of free themes too that look and function just as well. Visit Article

Social Networking with BuddyPress

Andy Peatling’s BuddyPress transform a standard installation of WPMU into a social networking site. In this tutorial by Justin Shreve, you’ll learn how to install, set up, and configure a new installation of BuddyPress. Visit Article

How to launch your WordPress theme

How do you launch a WordPress theme? In most cases, to make it popular, it takes a bit more work than throwing up a blog post with a screenshot and a download link. Hafiz Rahman explains some helpful practices for spreading the word about that new theme of yours. Visit Article

30 WordPress Theme Releases for March 2009 (Part 2)

The visual quality of WordPress themes is getting better and March was no exception. Pavel Ciorici of WPZOOM rounds up some of March’s highlight WordPress themes, many of which pack some pretty cool features. Visit Article

WordPress Menu Tricks

Thematic author Ian Stewart demonstrates some tricky but helpful techniques in creating advanced page menus with WordPress. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to add dynamic page descriptions to your menus, this tutorial is for you. Visit Article

Theme Lab Will Live On

The Theme Lab blog is been quiet for over five months – completely silent, in fact – but Leland posted an apology and update this past Tuesday to let everyone know he’s back and will begin updating Theme Lab regularly again. Great news! Visit Article

WordCamp Miami Presentation: WP Framework


One of our favorite WordCamp Miami presentations was Ptah Dunbar’s session in which he showed off his latest project, WPFramework. WPFramework is a blank WordPress theme framework that is aimed to cut down on the time it takes to develop a theme. As Ptah puts it, it’s “everything you need and nothing you don’t”. We saw a ton of great stuff in his presentation so here’s a recap of the session. Continue reading

Contest Alert: Best WordPress Design Awards


WPWebHost is hosting a contest to find the best-designed WordPress blogs on the internet. Your website will be placed into one of five categories depending on its design style: Clean/Minimalist, Retro/Vintage, Grunge, Hand-Drawn, and Modern/Elegant. After all submissions are collected, the team at WPWebHost will choose ten sites per category and put them up for voting by the community. After all is said and done, the site with the most votes in each category will receive a badge for their site, $200 in cash via PayPal, and a lifetime hosting subscription to WPWebHost – not a bad deal!

How to Enter

To be considered for the award, your site be an original design or extensive modification to an existing theme. If your site fits that criteria, entering their contest is as simple as writing a post on your site that mentions the contest and what category you’re entering your site into.

For more details, be sure to visit their blog for the full scoop. While you’re there, be sure to check out their hosting plans – 50GB of storage, 500GB of bandwidth, up to 50 domain names on a single account, and a support team that simply loves WordPress – all for just $5 a month!

We’ve thrown WPCandy and WPInspiration into the ring for WPWebHost’s contest. If we make it to the final round, be sure to vote for us! 🙂

WPInspiration Launched!


It’s been months in the working and a project we decided to put off until after the new year to focus more on WPCoder, but we’ve finally tied up the loose ends on our latest project and have launched WPInspiration. WPI is a new website gallery that showcases the best looking WordPress-powered websites on the internet. We had a great base to worth with from our old gallery and will continue that gallery with WPInspiration.

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