Viddler Video Commenting Plugin 1.1 Beta 1


This is a guest post by Chris Thomson.

Viddler has just put out a new beta release (1.1 beta 1) of their video commenting plugin. The new version really extends the functionality to do much more than just video commenting.

Dashboard Widget

The new version of Viddler video commenting now includes a WordPress dashboard widget. That means that on the front page of your WordPress dashboard, you can view the most recent featured videos from Viddler. The handiest part of this new feature, is that there’s a little “Blog This” link below each of the featured videos. If you click the “Blog This” link, you’ll be presented with the write post page, with the Viddler video already embedded.

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Separating Comments and Trackbacks


One thing I don’t love about WordPress, is its way of including comments, pingbacks, and trackbacks all in one list, and doesn’t provide an easy option to separate them. Separating these gives your comments area a cleaner, more professional feel. Here’s how to do it:

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