WP Paintbrush releases eleventh coat, er beta, of their theme


I once heard that coloring relieves stress. Sounds nice, right? We could all use a little stress relief nowadays. In their own effort to relieve your stress, Ryan Hellyer and Dan Milward have announced the availability WP Paintbrush beta 11. WP Paintbrush is a theme creator and front-end editor the two have been collaborating on for some time this year.

Based on user feedback they have updated the theme to include color picker alterations, re-ordered front-end tabs and all WP_DEBUG errors have been remedied, they say. A paint can full of other changes came in beta 11 — check them out on the WP Paintbrush blog.

The first WP Paintbrush beta landed in June when Ryan Hellyer and Dan Milward first announced the project. You can download the theme for free from their site.

Have you tried out WP Paintbrush and given any feedback on the theme?

Bundle up for WordCamp Edmonton, November 18 and 19


Who’s ready for a road trip to the beautiful Edmonton, Canada? Pack your sweatshirts and coats and prepare yourself for a two day WordCamp event from November 18th to the 19th.

Registration is now open for a just $40. The conference is calling all first-time bloggers, professionals, content creators, developers and designers to gather and talk all things WordPress.

For a fun intro to WordCamp Edmonton, see the video after the jump. It was created by the same nice folks who made the WPCandy intro video, since they happen to be organizing the Edmonton event.

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