Automattic releases new _s starter theme


The folks from Automattic just this week released the _s theme, pronounced “underscores”. It’s their team’s attempt at a better and more flexible starter theme. The new theme is a fork of Toolbox, which was the starter theme used to build the free and premium themes on

Toolbox worked, but the fact that people had used it as a parent theme meant that making drastic improvements would break things up. As Theme Wrangler Ian Stewart explained, this meant a change was worthwhile:

Unfortunately, we wound up in a situation with Toolbox where we wanted to make some more drastic improvements to it as a starter theme but got a little stuck. We had people using it as a Parent Theme and that meant that the simplest id or class change could become a problem. Simply changing an id of #branding to #masthead in the template is enough to break most CSS.

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WordCamp Seattle 2012 date and location announced


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Are you in Seattle, or looking to travel there anytime soon? If so, you’ll want to plan to be there in the month of May to attend WordCamp Seattle. The event is officially confirmed to take place on May 19th at the Seattle Art Museum. Keep a watch on the WordCamp Seattle 2012 website for further details on this year’s event.

Who’s planning to go geek out for a day with others just as obsessed with WordPress as you?