Follow WordCamp Austin and Seattle from the comfort of your home


WordCamp Seattle and WordCamp Austin are happening this weekend. Actually, they’re happening right now. Since it’s far too late to snag a ticket and run over there (far, far too late), I suggest you attend the events in whatever way you can:

Just because you can’t be there doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy (part of) the show. And hey, while you’re here in this post, why don’t you share the next WordCamp you plan to attend in the flesh. Visit WordCamp Central to see the events happening all over planet Earth in the near future.

Code Poet relaunches, expands beyond a listing service


“I’m just a huge supporter of having all these small businesses built around WordPress, whether individuals or small companies,” Pete Davies told me over the phone. “And I know there’s stuff that people struggle with everyday, and stuff you can’t help them with in the WordPress forums.”

Davies is the Premium Services Lead at Automattic, and the lead on the latest Code Poet project. He and his team have expanded from a directory of high-end WordPress consultants into a resource site for anyone building website — or “making things” — with WordPress.

The new, or rather, offers two free ebooks, interviews with WordPress professionals, and a collection of resources the team has curated that they think other Code Poets would find useful. The listings, or Code Poet Directory, can now be found at

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WordCamp Seattle 2012 date and location announced


[blackbirdpie url=”!/wordcampseattle/status/168411649915629568″]

Are you in Seattle, or looking to travel there anytime soon? If so, you’ll want to plan to be there in the month of May to attend WordCamp Seattle. The event is officially confirmed to take place on May 19th at the Seattle Art Museum. Keep a watch on the WordCamp Seattle 2012 website for further details on this year’s event.

Who’s planning to go geek out for a day with others just as obsessed with WordPress as you?

WordCamp Seattle will be live streamed today, starting 9am Pacific/UTC-8


WordCamp Seattle, this weekend’s WordPress event de jour, will be live streamed on their blog starting at 9:00am Pacific (UTC-8). Of the three tracks taking place today, the User/Blogger track and the Development track will each be live streamed.

See what I did there? We’ll also be augmenting the WordCamp Seattle live streams with our own liveblogging. We’ll be in every session, so it should be fun finding out just how nuts the liveblog will become.

I’m also curious: as you look at today’s schedule, which presentations look most interesting to you? If you were here, which sessions would you be sure not to miss? Who would you want to meet?

The WPCandy WordCamp Seattle 2011 Liveblog


WPCandy will be at WordCamp Seattle this weekend (see all of our coverage), and of course it wouldn’t be a proper WordCamp without a WPCandy liveblog. This is the post to bookmark and watch: we’ll be updating this liveblog from now until we head back on Sunday. The real interesting stuff will come during the speaker’s sessions tomorrow, of course, which is when we’ll really be updating this liveblog the most.

Liveblog starts just after the jump! (Just a heads up: due to changing the time zone to be correct right after the first session, the order of entries is off for a couple of hours. Just to keep things interesting.)

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WordCamp Seattle tickets likely to sell out today with 350 attendees


It appears that WordCamp Seattle, the event we’re attending and covering this weekend, will be selling out today. This will bring the attendee number to 350, which is a considerable number for a WordCamp. Tickets were made available in mid March this year, and only a handful remain.

The remaining tickets are available for either $30 for general submission, or $25 for students, but you better act fast. I’m happy to say WPCandy snatched up four of those tickets, and will be enjoying the festivities this weekend (and of course liveblogging).

WPCandy will be attending WordCamp Seattle this weekend


I’m happy to say that WPCandy will be attending WordCamp Seattle this coming weekend. The big event is Saturday, and we’ll be there the whole time handing out WPCandy shirts, liveblogging, and hopefully absorbing some of the excess intelligence in the room.

Will you be attending this weekend? If so, be sure to let us know so we can say hi and get you a shirt (at least until we run out!). And hey, if you won’t be there this weekend, head after the jump and let us know what you’re most interested in seeing from us during the event. We have some ideas, but then again you folks always have great thoughts too!

Big thanks to The Theme Foundry for powering WPCandy to attend WordCamp Seattle this year. And if you haven’t considered it before, remember that you too can power WPCandy.

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The WPCandy Show, episode 1: “One is the loneliest number”


I’m excited to present the first episode of a new production here at WPCandy: The WPCandy Show. We love creating blog posts about WordPress, podcasts about WordPress, and now, finally, we can create videos about WordPress.

The WPCandy Show, our first video podcast, will bring you the week’s biggest WordPress news in a quick video format. We’ll soon have the show available in other subscription formats such as iTunes and YouTube as well.

The video is embedded just after the jump, as well as the show notes. If you have a minute, take a look and let us know what you think!

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WordCamp Seattle 2011 tickets discounted due to generous sponsors


Hey, remember WordCamp Seattle? We told you about it just the other day. It turns out that due to generous sponsors the event is now only $30, compared to the previous $40. So if your trip to Seattle was being held back due to that $10 (and you know who you are) you’re in luck.

Student tickets are now available as well, for $25. The only thing better than attending a WordCamp is doing so while saving money, amirite?