WordPress 2.6


While at WordCamp Dallas last weekend, Matt Mullenweg talked a bit about WordPress 2.6 and what’s to come with it. It seems someone in the audience managed to get it all on tape too!

Throughout the video, Matt touches on some WordPress Stats, the WordPress Theme Marketplace, and posting with WordPress via mobiles.

Maybe in the near future, I’ll write up a post on what I would personally like to see in WordPress 2.6.

WordPress 2.5 Released!


As announced today by Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp Dallas, Automattic has officially released WordPress 2.5, along with their new site design!

What’s new in WordPress 2.5? The biggest change you’ll see is the new administration theme, designed by HappyCog. The new theme definitely streamlines and simplifies the WordPress interface a lot. It also includes a customizable dashboard, built-in galleries (hallelujah!!), built-in Gravatars, and even faster loading speeds.

WordPress.org Screenie

This build of WordPress is looking more fantastic than ever! Let’s give a huge thanks to the developers and designers at WordPress for a great release!

WordPress 2.5 is available for download over at WordPress.org. And if you’re a WordPress.com user, fear not, you will receive an update to 2.5 in the next week.

As for WPCandy, we will be upgrading to 2.5 soon, as well as making sure our WPCandy v1 WordPress Theme is compatible. Stay tuned for more news on 2.5.

WordPress Community News #2


There has been so much news in WordPress community lately, and I didn’t want to overload you guys by making a post for each, so I’m just going to do a big wrap-up. Wrap-ups are fun, right?

1. Fluency Admin Style Plugin

There’s been a lot of talk about the new WordPress 2.5 Dashboard design. Most people I know don’t like the change, but personally, I like it. It’s something new and refreshing from the previous WordPress Dashboard designs.

For those of you who don’t like the new Dashboard design, you can thank Dean Robinson for creating the Fluency Admin Style Plugin. I installed it the other day to test it out, and I must say, it’s not bad. And if you don’t like the Fluency Admin Style, consider making your own Admin Style plugin.

2. Probama WordPress Theme

I love this theme. It’s so organized and the design is pretty awesome for a free theme. It’s packed with tons of features, from a Control Panel, Dynamic subpage menus, and RSS integration with BarackObama.com.

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