WPCandy will be attending WordCamp Seattle this weekend


I’m happy to say that WPCandy will be attending WordCamp Seattle this coming weekend. The big event is Saturday, and we’ll be there the whole time handing out WPCandy shirts, liveblogging, and hopefully absorbing some of the excess intelligence in the room.

Will you be attending this weekend? If so, be sure to let us know so we can say hi and get you a shirt (at least until we run out!). And hey, if you won’t be there this weekend, head after the jump and let us know what you’re most interested in seeing from us during the event. We have some ideas, but then again you folks always have great thoughts too!

Big thanks to The Theme Foundry for powering WPCandy to attend WordCamp Seattle this year. And if you haven’t considered it before, remember that you too can power WPCandy.

7 thoughts on “WPCandy will be attending WordCamp Seattle this weekend

  1. I’ll be there (one of the co-organizers) and I’m looking forward to the material you produce. Make sure to catch me as I’m wandering around because I’d love a t-shirt (I’ll be the dude on stage first thing in the morning).

  2. Well I’ll not be there, so Ryan et all the WPCandy Crew going, if you were in my shows right now then what would you want me to report? 😉 I love the live blogging side of things, and if you talk about presentations, that’s great, so are all the little other cool things that happen too! 😀 I wouldn’t mind a t-shirt right enough! HA

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