WPCandy will be at WordCamp Miami

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Thanks to Adii Pienaar, WPCandy will be at WordCamp Miami this weekend. As usual we’ll be liveblogging the sessions and events as they happen, recording interviews, and in general making you feel like you’re here as well.

If you’re going to be home this weekend and not at WordCamp Miami, there’s some important info you can use to stay connected to what’s going on. First and foremost, make sure you’re following our Miami coverage, as well as the WordCamp Miami liveblog. There’s also the #wcmia hashtag on Twitter which will be used by attendees.

At the risk of getting a bit meta, if you saw our coverage of WordCamp Phoenix last month jump in the comments and share your thoughts on our WordCamp coverage. What did you like about our coverage, and what could we do better?

Also if you will also be at WordCamp Miami, and you see me, be sure to ask for a WPCandy t-shirt. They are brand new, limited edition, and less than ten people in the entire world have ever worn them. Yeah, we mean business this time around.