WPCandy Podcast recording live tonight, talking WordPress 3.2

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wpcandy live at nine

Ryan and I will be recording episode 23 of the WPCandy Podcast tonight, live on the WPCandy Stream. We’ll be talking about the release of WordPress 3.2, and we look forward to taking questions from the live audience in the chat.

We’re very excited about this one, and hope you can join us on the stream chat at 9:00pm ET (That’s UTC-05 – July 5th, in case you catch this post later!). It will be a great time to share your thoughts about all of WordPress 3.2’s new features.

Feel free to share any additional things about WordPress 3.2 into the comments below that you’d like us to discuss, or just join us and ask us live. We’ll see you at 9:00pm EST tonight!