WPCandy Podcast recording live on the stream at 8:00pm ET


Tonight Brian and I will be recording episode 18 of the WPCandy Podcast, live on the WPCandy Stream. We’ll be talking about recent WordPress news and events, as usual, and taking any topics or questions from the stream’s chat as they come. We will also be joined by Otto, Tech Ninja at Audrey Capital and all around WordPress juggernaut. Feel free to join us as we will no doubt be picking his brain for a few minutes tonight.

You can join us on the stream at 8:00pm ET (that’s on April 6th, in case you’re coming to the post later), which is when we’ll start it up and record the podcast.

Feel free to toss your topics of choice into the comments below so we know what you’d like to discuss. We’ll see you at 8:00pm EST tonight!

4 thoughts on “WPCandy Podcast recording live on the stream at 8:00pm ET

  1. That’s just too late for me unfortunately 🙂 Interested in two things from Otto (great guest btw):

    1) if & how custom post types will be further developed (even if it’s just his vision of it), i.e. advanced/custom sorting (I realize that it wouldn’t necessarily feel like a pure post anymore, but a record). For instance I use CPT’s for food menus: http://www.theme-force.com/chowforce/demo/full-menu/ and currently have my clients enter a “manual sort number”. I keep these sort of things in custom post types, as I don’t want to do attach any custom tables or otherwise (and also hoping that CPT’s will become far deeper).

    2) if he sees facebook or other social media integration ever becoming part of core in any way, shape or form (i.e. a module which is part of the core package, but only activated if the user wants it – or bundling a library of oauth api connections to various sites that developers can make use of, etc.)?

    Have fun tonight!

  2. Would love a shout out for our New Coupons Section 🙂 I will do my best to join in. I am suppose to be at a friend’s place, but lets see what we can do.

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