WPCandy now has a fancy graphic video opening, plus “making of”


We’re excited to show off our new graphic video opener, which will now kick off each of our original videos—whether interviews, screencasts or otherwise—and was completed just last week.

Before we go any further, click play (video embedded after the jump).

We were happy to work with the folks at ThinkMojo on this, and are very satisfied (and excited) about the results. We have worked with them in the past on other graphic videos for GooRoo, our parent network. They do great work!

There’s more to this post, though. Sebastien Lhomme of ThinkMojo just posted a making of video, showing the process that went behind the animation’s creation. It’s pretty nifty, check it out below.

3 thoughts on “WPCandy now has a fancy graphic video opening, plus “making of”

  1. Hi Ryan and all the WPCandy team!
    Thanks for the Mojo love 😉 It was a great pleasure working on this project. Obviously we’re huge fans of WordPress (and avid readers of WPCandy), so this was really awesome doing something for you guys. Keep up the good work with WPCandy!

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