Bring out the birthday cake: WPCandy is now four years old!


It was just four years ago, at the end of September in 2007, that Michael Castilla launched WPCandy. For the next couple of years he and his team steered the ship, until I acquired it from them and relaunched the site just last year. So while it has only been one year since I adopted WPCandy, it still has a few years under its belt.

In just the last year we’ve come quite a ways: we’ve launched Pros and Pressed Ads, both of which I’m proud of. We’ve also built up a strong reputation as an unofficial WordPress news blog, which is awesome. There’s still more to come, of course, but I’d say for 12 months of work we’re not doing too shabby.

If you have ideas, and particularly if you’ve been a part of our community here for some time, please jump over into the forums and let us know what you’d like to see from WPCandy in the future.

From the forum:

What would you like to see in the next year at WPCandy?

Started by Ryan Imel on October 5, 2011

How long have you folks been reading WPCandy? Do you have any favorites from the last year of the site?

28 thoughts on “Bring out the birthday cake: WPCandy is now four years old!

  1. Ryan you should have said on Skype I would have got you a cake (and then eaten it on a web cam) At least that way you would have (sort of) enjoyed it?!?!

    Congrats though and I usually dip into WPCandy it every day just to see what is happening, kudos to you and the team and here is to many more years, Happy Birthday!

  2. Congratulations WPCandy team.. It’s absolutely amazing how you’ve taken the WordPress community by storm after the come back more then a year ago. Up to the next 5 years!

  3. Happy (belated) birthday! It’s so great to see WPCandy still going strong after so many years 🙂 There’s no doubt about that this blog is the best resource for WordPress goodies.

  4. Happy Birthday. The original owners must be proud and satisfied watching the progress of this site.
    We’d all love to read their interview and thoughts on the progress.

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  6. Happy Birthday! Thanks for all of the awesome news, reviews, podcasts, and tutorials, and for making it much easier to keep up with the latest WordPress happenings than it used to be.

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