WPCandy in Review: October 2010


We’re excited to be posting about the last month of progress on WPCandy. We hope to build WPCandy into a community-driven site, and one way we think we can accomplish that is by being as transparent as possible about our progress.

This month we saw a general upward trend across the board, and have a few non-statistic items we’re proud of as well.

October 2010 statistics

We’re not all about numbers, not by a long shot. But they are fun to analyze!

Google AnalyticsOver 42,000 unique visitors this month (after crossing 30,000 last month)
Twitter269 new followers
Facebook41 new fans
RSS/Feedburner~500 subscriber increase

We’re pleased with the continued increase in traffic to the site, as well as the increase in folks sharing our content through Facebook and Twitter.

Analytics visitor chart for October 2010

Becoming a community-driven blog

But stats aren’t the only thing we watch. I was personally very happy that Graham Huber, Brian Krogsgard, and David Coveney all contributed a post this month. That’s probably the biggest success of the month, quite honestly. We want this site to be community driven, and it’s only when community members contribute that it can happen.

If you feel the urge to guest post on the site (or would even like to discuss something more long term) please do get in touch with us.

Posting rate increased, quality maintained

We’ve been increasing our posting rate slowly throughout October, and this culminated in our goal last week of reaching 24 hour posting on the weekdays. So instead of previously posting 3-5 posts each day, we now post 10-12 posts Monday through Friday. We’re excited about this because it helps us on two points:

  1. We can provide fresh news to folks on the other end of the globe, during their waking hours.
  2. We can cover even more WordPress news and events, as they happen.

Of course we take the quality of our posts very seriously, and haven’t sacrificed quality while increasing our rate of posts. For instance, we were able to cover the launch of WPHonors exclusively, we covered the WordPress easter egg debate last week, and of course we post weekly video interviews with members of the WordPress community.

Launched Theme Finder

We launched a tool this month called Theme Finder, which now has over 500 themes in it (free and paid) and is growing every week. We’re really happy with how the launch went, and hope to be able to improve it even more as time goes by. Have you used it yet?

Goals for next month

Since we’re being transparent, we’d like to state a few goals for November at WPCandy.

  • We plan to cross 50,000 unique visitors next month.
  • We plan to cross 7,000 RSS subscribers next month.
  • We plan to reach 750 themes in Theme Finder.

Hopefully we can announce that we’ve reached these goals next month.

November is looking to be a very exciting month for WPCandy. We have a couple of announcements coming up that we think will help WPCandy reach an even larger audience, and give the community here here even more ways to interact.

Now it’s your turn. How did we do this month?

5 thoughts on “WPCandy in Review: October 2010

  1. Have you been able to measure the impact of the FB page? I’ve always wondered if I should promote my own FB page, as I don’t use FB myself and generally despise FB.

    In short, what’s the real added value of your FB page?

    (hey, no “subscribe to comments by email” option? This is needed and will help you grow further 🙂

    • We had just over 500 incoming visits from our Facebook page this month. It’s not a huge amount, be we typically count those as visits we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. We figure a good number of people spend time in Facebook, and only Facebook, so we’d better cover our bases there :). For the time it takes, it’s a fine turnaround, especially as it keeps growing.

      I agree, we need a subscribe to comments option. It’s on my list of “ways to make the comments area design suck less”. Soon!

  2. Your commitment to transparency is impressive, thanks for sharing these numbers.

    As for WPCandy itself, the WordPress community really needed a news site with this level of professionalism and consistency, with the vision to make a real investment of time and energy.

    Please keep up the good work.

    • I agree with Donnacha. If you can create a news site that covers all aspects of the WordPress community (themes, plugins, core developments, tutorials, interviews, WordCamps, reviews, other related news from well-known and unknown WP bods etc) then your growth will be exponential! Good luck with it all.

  3. Thanks for being so transparent and sharing your strategy /stats with everybody, that’s very interesting. This is a pretty good start so far, and I have no doubt wpcandy is gonna get much more popular in the next following month. Keep up the good work.

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