WPCandy in Review: November 2010


Is it December already? Time flies when you’re having fun, I suppose. That means it’s time to take a look back at November, in a feature we lovingly call WPCandy in Review.

We want to give you some insight into how the gears are turning at WPCandy, what direction we’re headed, and what worked and didn’t work for us.

This was another positive month. Let’s take a look.

November 2010 statistics

Our numbers aren’t what matters most to us, not by a long shot. But we have a few numbers to share, so let’s do that! The follow table shows October’s numbers first, then November’s numbers, so you can see the change month-over-month.

MetricOctober 2010November 2010
Google Analytics41,892 unique visits50,877 unique visits
Twitter4,433 followers4,704 followers
Facebook224 fans277 fans
RSS/Feedburner~6,500 subscribers~6,900 subscribers
Comments202 reader comments503 reader comments

We’re happy to see an increase, primarily in new people checking out the site.

Our analytics graph for November 2010.

A look at last month’s goals

As a reminder, our goals last month were:

  • We plan to cross 50,000 unique visitors next month.
  • We plan to cross 7,000 RSS subscribers next month.
  • We plan to reach 750 themes in Theme Finder.

We reached the first goal, which was a growth in traffic by about 20%. We didn’t quite cross the RSS goal (see the chart above) but we’re getting closer. And Theme Finder is floating around 600 themes, so that one we didn’t quite hit either.

But we did do some other really neat stuff this last month:

I’d say WPCandy is growing!

New goals this month

So where do we go next? A few new ones this month:

  • We plan to cross 60,000 unique visitors in December.
  • We plan to cross 7,000 RSS subscribers (but really this month).
  • We plan to reach 700 themes in Theme Finder.
  • We plan to see 600 or more reader comments, increasing reader engagement.

Can we do it? We shall see. Should we have other goals as well? You tell us.

How you can help

But we want your help too. We have a couple of projects going on right now that you can jump in on and help with.

We have the WPCandy iPhone app with its reverse launch deal right now. Anyone who purchases the app now will definitely show their support of this site.

We are also running the WordPress Users Survey right now (just started December 1st) and would love your help spreading the word on that. If you haven’t taken that survey yet, you definitely should!

Finally, how do you think we can improve WPCandy this month?

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