WPCandy in Review: January 2011


I would say that January was another big month for WPCandy, but I would feel like I’m repeating myself. It seems like every month is bigger than the last, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

If you’re new, this is a post we do monthly that gives not only insight into what worked and what didn’t for us in the previous month, but hard numbers that show our growth (or decline) over time. Thankfully we’re still headed in a steady upward direction.

Enough intro, let’s look at some statistics.

January 2011 statistics

In the table below you will find a number of basics statistics that we keep track of each month. You should see a few rows you are familiar with, but a couple new ones that have greeted us due to the addition of our Powered By model (more on that later).

MetricJanuary 2011December 2010November 2010
Google Analytics74,576 unique visits57,611 unique visits50,877 unique visits
Twitter5,506 followers5,070 followers4,704 followers
Facebook374 fans326 fans277 fans
RSS/Feedburner~7,200 subscribers~7,100 subscribers~6,900 subscribers
Comments714 reader comments388 reader comments503 reader comments
"Powered by"$2,830n/an/a
iPhone apps244 apps174 appsn/a

As you can see, we increased in every area, some by huge leaps. Regarding our goals for this month:

  • We crossed 70,000 uniques by a long shot.
  • We didn’t quite make it to 7,500 RSS subscirbers, but we did increase.
  • We saw way more than 400 reader comments, which is very exciting.
  • We didn’t see a ton of Theme Finder activity, but we plan on revisiting Theme Finder in a big way this month.

But numbers weren’t the only exciting thing about this month.

Introduction of the Powered by model

This month saw the introduction of new model, the Powered by model. You can read more about the plan in depth, but as far as the January launch went, we’re exceedingly humbled by the response. Over thirty people contributed to WPCandy in the form of their hard earned money, and we really appreciate it. We saw two full weeks covered, a WordCamp event powered, and about a dozen $5/month subscribers. That’s an outstanding first month.

Of course we’re excited to see it grow and improve. If you have ideas about it one way or another, please let us know in the comments below.

Coverage of WordCamp Phoenix

This month we started with a bang at WordCamp Phoenix, where we covered just about everything that happened, both in a brand new liveblog format and a number of high profile interviews. We saw some great feedback on the event, and look forward to improving on our approach at the next WordCamp event.

Oh, and did I mention that the WPUA powered that whole trip? Yup, they made that possible.

Goals for February 2011

I’m thoroughly impressed by the site’s performance lately. These goals are getting loftier and loftier each month! In the next 30 days, here are our goals.

  • We will cross 80,000 unique visitors (!) in February.
  • We will cross 7,500 RSS subscribers.
  • We will revisit Theme Finder and launch version two.
  • We will see 1,000 reader comments.
  • We will see a total of 50 $5/month subscribers.

You will notice a goal added regarding our Powered by model. I would really love to see our $5/month subscribers reach 50 in the next month. In the long run it will be this $5/month option that will make our growth most sustainable.

For all of the other goals: onward and upward!

Now, what do you think?

It’s your turn to talk. Heck, you’re the one (hopefully) enjoying this site from time to time. What do you want to see happen in February? What can we improve? How can we grow? I’m looking forward to your thoughts, as always.

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