The WPCandy Awards are now accepting nominations


I’m happy to announce the very first WPCandy Awards, and more specifically that nominations are now open. This year we’ll be handing out sixteen different awards ranging from Best New Theme to Best New WordPress Service to (one of my favorites) Most Devoted WordCamper. Nominations and voting will take place over the next two weeks, after which we will announce the winners (voted on by you, of course) here on the blog in a very special way.

That said, let’s get right into it. Firs you will want to know the categories that you can vote in this year. They are:

  • Best New WordPress Theme (Free)
  • Best New WordPress Theme (Commercial) (Sponsored by Pippin’s Plugins)
  • Best New WordPress Plugin (Free)
  • Best New WordPress Plugin (Commercial)
  • Best Theme Framework
  • Best WordPress Shop
  • Best Use of WordPress in a Niche
  • Best New WordPress Service
  • Best WordPress Development Studio
  • Best WordPress Company Blog
  • Best WordPress Blogger
  • Best WordPress Content Blog
  • Most Devoted WordCamper
  • Most Memorable WordCamp
  • Best WordCamp Presentation
  • Best New WordPress Feature

If the word “new” is in the award title, then the winner will have to be something that launched in 2011. There are a few (Best Theme Framework and Best WordPress Shop, for example) which don’t have that requirement, and only must exist to win.

How the awards will work

Just after the jump you’ll find the nomination form where you can nominate people, companies and events for the various categories. Anyone named twice in the nominations below will be added to that category for voting.

Beginning Tuesday, December 27th, official voting will begin. Voting will take place for one week, after which we will announce the popular choices here on the blog.

To submit your nominations for the award, just head down to the form after the jump. Happy nominating!

On an administrative note: we’re accepting sponsorships for each of the awards categories. If you are a business or a human being who would like to sponsor a category, get in touch at . The sponsorships are small, but will help cover the extra costs associated with the awards and the trophies that will be going out.

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  1. I voted but not for all the categories since I wasn’t entirely sure what you meant with some of the options. A short description might help getting more nominations, since the better nominators understand each category the more likely they are to nominate in that category.

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