Have a look at WPCandy’s 2011 AddThis Report


This might be a little bit of inside baseball, but I found it interesting. AddThis, the social stat tracking service that I’ve used on WPCandy for a little while now, sent out info graphics to publishers today that show just how visitors shared content in 2011. I received my info graphic just a few minutes ago, courtesy of Aaron Jorbin.

Even though I’ve already posted our year in review and 2011’s tag clouds, I went ahead and published the info graphic, in full, just after the jump.

I’ve not been using AddThis for very long on WPCandy, which explains why the stats for 2011 aren’t exactly impressive. Still, there are some things worth noticing.

I’m not really surprised that Twitter is the top method of sharing, since the WordPress community is present on Twitter in a big way. I’m not sure what to think about the most sharing happening on Tuesday, although it would be interesting to see how the days stacked up in comparison to one another as well.

Regarding AddThis in general, I’m glad that I’m able to track these social statistics in some form. That said, and don’t take this as a criticism of AddThis, I’m not quite sure what to make of the data it gives me yet. For me, statistics are only truly useful if I can analyze the information and turn it into actionable steps to improve the website. Right now I’m just not sure how to use the stats that AddThis gives me in the way.

That said, I think AddThis is nifty and is worth checking out, even if only to get yourself one of these sweet info graphics.

4 thoughts on “Have a look at WPCandy’s 2011 AddThis Report

  1. Is it possible to link individual Facebook and Twitter buttons with AddThis too? I see that you’ve got those and Google +1 buttons next to the AddThis – can it track clicks on those?

    • Yes! If you are using the AddThis WordPress plugin, one of the default options is Like / Tweet / +1 / Share. Head on over to support.addthis.com if you need any specific help implementing it on your site.

  2. I’m glad you found the infographic interesting.

    The biggest value of the data (in my opinion as a developer, not as a community person and speaking only for myself) is that I can see what networks to focus my time on. If I see that twitter is more valuable at driving traffic to my site then facebook, I know that I should spend more time there. One additional benefit that your beginning to see is all of the additional networks that AddThis makes available. For example, when I first put AddThis on my site, I had a random old article shared to reddit (which I never would have included a social button for) and it generated my second highest traffic day at that point. And that was on a Sunday! Facebook and Twitter are going to be 1 and 2 for most people (unless you also enable address bar share tracking), but all of the other services that become available can add up to being just as valuable.

  3. AddThis is an amazing plugin. You also get What are the audience interests on your site and How your site’s characteristics matches them.
    ( v )

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