Join the first WP Late Night recording tonight at 8PM EST


I’m excited to announce a new project called WP Late Night, a video podcast co-hosted by Dre Armeda, Brad Williams, and yours truly. The show will be a regular roundtable discussion on noteworthy and timely topics in the WordPress community. Also: tacos.

You likely know Dre Armeda from his work at Sucuri Security and CubicTwo, as well as his work organizing WordCamp San Diego. It also turns out he’s also a fan of WordPress, in case you weren’t aware.

Brad Williams is probably best known as the founder of WebDevStudios and author of Professional WordPress and Professional WordPress Plugin Development. He also organizes WordCamp Philly.

And then there’s me. So, I promise I’ll mostly just let them talk.

Tune in

Head to the WPCandy Stream at 8PM EST tonight for the recording of the first episode. We hope you can make it, but If you can’t don’t worry—the episode will end up landing here a few hours afterward anyway.

If you have WordPress related thoughts to send in to the show, you can do so by:

  • Commenting on a show post (like this one)
  • Leaving a voicemail at (815) 322-WPLN
  • Emailing us at 


15 thoughts on “Join the first WP Late Night recording tonight at 8PM EST

  1. Cool idea – looking forward to checking it out!

    Our initial plan for the Freelance Jam web show was to broadcast live at 8PM EST as well. We liked the idea of doing a night show, which was a bit different than most web shows.

    A few months in, we abandoned that idea and we now record the show in the afternoon. The most common complaint was from those in Europe and other timezones who would be sleeping during an 8PM EST broadcast. It was also tough to schedule guests at that time- especially those in far time zones (and it was getting tricky to work a night shift into our own schedules!).

    But I’m interested to see how it works for you guys. I’m sure it’ll go well, considering you have such a great community behind it.

  2. Since you have the some of best guys out there on security and WordPress, how about some more detailed information on WordPress security for Plugins. For example on using nonce’s properly. Looking forward to the cast!

  3. Nothing is more aggravating than creating a site that loads slowly off the customer’s web host.

    There are some very popular plugins but they don’t all work the same on every host. Plus some are a bear to configure….

    Can you talk about site speed, hosting and suggestions?

    Specific techniques for speeding up your site are really important. One client actually told me to get rid of WordPress and go back to HTML!

    Looking forward to your show.

  4. Will there be fizzy pop consumption during the show? I think that would be very entertaining.

    My question is: As three people that attend a lot alot of WordCamps, what kind of talks excite you? Are there topics that aren’t being presented that you think should be?

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