WordPress Themes Reviewed and Publicized Here

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If anyone has a theme they would like reviewed (especially the great ones!) and get some publicity for their work, let us know here at Theme Playground. I would especially like to see any themes which have a difficult/impossible time getting on and remaining on the WordPress Theme Viewer.

For example: Cory Miller has recently faced some frustrating times, as the bulk of his WordPress themes were deleted, without warning, from the theme viewer. He has created some amazing themes for the community, so please take a look. He deserves it.

If there is anyone else that is interested in some eyes seeing their work, or some feedback from the pros, feel free to use the submission form below to get in touch. We’ll reply back with a place you can send your work (for the sake of keeping our emails and inboxes safe from abuse) and you’ll (hopefully) see some publicity in no time.