The who, what, and where of WPCandy coverage in 2011


In addition to WPCandy’s 2011 in Review (which went up a few minutes ago, seriously go read it) I thought it would be fun to offer another round of tag clouds for 2011.

So here’s what I did: I generated tag clouds for the various taxonomies used on WPCandy. I chose categories, people, companies and events. Then I copied the HTML into this post so we can all see the breakdown of coverage, a sort of snapshot, at this point in time. We have the coverage page as well, but I particularly like where posting these clouds show changes in emphasis from 2010 to 2011.

Content published

These are the various categories we use on WPCandy, which you’re likely most familiar with from the main navigation on the site. There are still a couple of holdouts from the previous versions of WPCandy (pre-2010) like the downloads and sites categories. News is the biggest, by far, but there’s also a good showing for things like podcasts, The Sweet Plugin, and videos, all of which are relatively new (in the last year) additions to WPCandy.

Just curious: what are your favorite kinds of content?

People mentioned

A lot more people were mentioned on WPCandy this year than in 2010. I’m also happy that a lot of those names are getting bigger.

Except for my name, what the heck is that doing in there?

Companies mentioned

It’s great to see this list grow a bit this year too. Was your company mentioned in 2011?

Events mentioned

In addition to WordCamps—of which there were many to discuss in 2011—there were quite a few non-WordCamp events that WordPress was a part of in some way or another. At the very least, it makes me happy I didn’t name the taxonomy “WordCamps”.

On to 2012!

I hope you’ve enjoyed a peek at our taxonomies, which as I type it sounds a bit like a euphemism. If you, your business, or your camp wasn’t mentioned in the lists above, I really look forward to that changing in 2012. Which reminds me, I should probably get back to writing posts for next year’s review to look back on.

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    • Ha, good point. These posts are also good because they get me to go back through and clean up stray/orphaned tags. Guess I’ll get started on that.

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