Welcome to ThemePlayground.com!


The obligatory welcome post ensues…

We’re glad you found us, and we hope we can help your needs while developing for WordPress. We have a couple goals with this site, but we hope they all come full circle and contribute toward better theme design:

  • Free WordPress Themes—This one’s just a given. We make free themes, you benefit. Well, hopefully.
  • Tutorials and Development Tools—We hope to be able to share methods and workflows which will speed up the development of your WordPress themes. We offer special developer “starter” themes, tools to speed things along, and we’ll even look over your theme ourselves before it goes public. WordPress theming is a huge movement on the web, and we want to do what we can to improve it. Hopefully the ideas go both ways, and our workflow will benefit as well.
  • WordPress Theme Reviews—If you’re a frequent visitor to the Theme Viewer you’ll have a good idea about how many themes pop up every day. But not every one of those themes is necessarily a good theme. So we offer a way of discerning the best ones, via our criteria for judging WordPress themes. We’re open to reviewing themes that aren’t on the TV, though, so feel free to contact us if you have one we should look at.

Yeah, that should cover it. Keep an eye on the About Us page for any more info, and probably a more succinct “who we are” as it develops over time. Thanks for visiting, and I (personally) hope you get something out of our little project here.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to ThemePlayground.com!

  1. Hi.. cool blog.. I was wondering if you would consider allowing me to add your blog feed to my news section on my webmaster website . I realise that not all of your posts are strictly webmaster related but ive written a script to only show posts containing certain keywords so theres no need to worry. Anyway, like i said.. cool blog.. some interesting stuff.. thanks

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