WPCandy is all up in your Dashboard


It came to our attention today that WPCandy has been added to Planet WordPress. The Planet is a collection of blogs, each that cover WordPress in some form, that together feed into the WordPress Dashboard via the Other WordPress News Dashboard Widget. Naturally being on the Planet will give WPCandy more exposure, hopefully a few more readers, and of course helps to validate our place within the WordPress community.

So with that we just wanted to take a second to celebrate this milestone, to thank the folks responsible over at WordPress.org, and to thank you folks for continuing to read our posts and comment on our site. We’ll do out best to continue to improve what we do!

It looks like WPTavern was added to the Planet as well, so congratulations to Jeff as well! In terms of other changes to the Planet, it seems Wordlog, WP Bits, and the WordPress Podcast were removed. The WP Nokia and WP Windows Phone 7 blogs were added.

20 thoughts on “WPCandy is all up in your Dashboard

  1. I always look up to you guys (especially Ryan). Very well deserved indeed. So, I’m going to unsubscribe from WPCandy RSS feed now. 😉

  2. Congrats 🙂 I know WPTavern hit over 5,000 pageviews the day after it was added heh. Using Woopra, I get to see all sorts of interesting domains as people click on the links from within their dashboard. I didn’t think many people view the news within the dashboard but I’ve been proven wrong.

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