Vote Here: Theme Madness Round 6 (The finals!)


It’s that time once again! We have the Theme Mandess finalists, Elegant Themes and ThemeFuse, and in this the final winner will be decided!

All of the polls and instructions can be found just after the jump, so be sure to click through to have your voice heard. Voting will take place for the next 48 hours, and close at 4:00 pm on the 13th (Eastern Standard Time).

Remember you can view the quickly-filling-out Theme Madness Bracket here, as well as the Theme Bracket Leaderboard.

If you need a reminder, the rules can be found here. Good luck to everyone playing!

Elegant Themes vs. ThemeFuse

Remember, along with this poll you can also vote two other ways:

  • The away game: Tweet your vote using the #wpmadness hashtag and mention either @ElegantThemes or @ThemeFuse.
  • The home game: If either Elegant Themes or ThemeFuse start up a post on their blog, your comment there will count as a vote as well.

168 thoughts on “Vote Here: Theme Madness Round 6 (The finals!)

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  2. So it comes down to 2 awesome sites. It’s a hard choice but I will have to say Elegant Themes mostly because I’ve been with them so long now and have yet to fail. ThemeFuse, you are awesome but still new.

  3. my vote – elegnatthemes! they are the best! I am with them and I will stick with quality. 🙂

  4. My vote goes to Elegant Themes, for the look, the elegance and all of this at an awesome price.

  5. Both Elegant Themes and ThemeFuse make some of the nicest looking themes anywhere. I’m going to have to vote for Elegant Themes simply because they have more of ’em available right now. I do love ThemeFuse, though. Seriously creative work over there.

  6. Both make fantastic themes, but from personal experience I have to say ElegantThemes. And while you can’t really fault a themer for having too few in their gallery, Elegant once again has it down like a ton of bricks.


  7. I have been working with a few themes form Elegant Themes and do like them. But as with any theme from any theme shop there will always be things you don’t like as well and that are not done properly. I went with what seems to be the outsider, ThemeFuse. Interesting final round though. I must say this is not what I expected to see here at the end.

  8. @elegantthemes is best value… not only for affordable cost, but the designs are great!

  9. Elegant Themes FTW!!! I’ve been with them for years, and they just keep getting better and better!

  10. I vote for Elegant Themes, super high quality at superb low prices..
    Their support is excellent too..

  11. My vote goes to ElegantThemes, because they have created several elegant themes and kept it affordable for everyone!

  12. Surely, My vote is for Elegant Themes for their ePanel and cool themes. ThemeFuse is also a good developer, but when comes into contest ET wins my vote. Good Luck to both.

  13. My vote to Themefuse. Why? First thing I noticed on their site was the WPMADNESS bar and I thought “these guys do pay attention to the community” 🙂
    (no offense to ET, I’m not saying they don’t give a crap)

  14. Both great, but ThemeFuse has by far more complex themes and better design. I still like ET, thing they do a great job, but I think the problem is in their business model. They are forced to launch a lot of themes, thus every theme has only a couple of pages, with few short codes …

    Anyway 1 vote for ThemeFuse.

    • A few short codes? Each theme has over a dozen elements short-coded with dozens – for a total of hundreds – of options.

      If you haven’t looked around there for a while, Elegant Themes is really worth another look. They’ve really stepped up their game this year.

      (And, obviously) Vote Elegant Themes. 😉

  15. The best of the best is Theme Fuse. My vote is for THEME FUSE. Cheers from London

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  17. Themefuse hands down…Their excelent designs and abundance of features make up for a great offer. ElegantThemes might be more established and cheap but their themes don’t give you that much functionality besides the homepage (which are always great looking). But the rest of the pages seem very rushed… Just my 2 cents.

  18. Always glad to see new WordPress theme sites come online. I think there is always a need for well designed (and coded) WP themes…especially some that take into consideration that not everyone who wants to use WordPress for a site will also have amazing photography to accompany the content.

  19. ThemeFuse has the hottest and stylish wordpress themes EVER and I wanna get 11 brilliant WP themes. 🙂
    ThemeFuse rocks, go for it!

  20. ElegantThemes easily tops ThemeFuse for value. Most of the ThemeFuse themes look like all the free themes available from WP. ElegantThemes are handcrafted masterpieces and are the best value in WP Themedom.

  21. I love elegant themes because of the quality and diversity of their offerings. Oh, I almost forgot – the support there is like none other! They are an all-around great choice!

  22. I cast my vote for ThemeFuse. Their themes are far superior than ElegantThemes (in my opinion), with way less bugs, and I really don’t like Elegant Themes restricted layout; there’s only one look: a two columned look for all pages on ALL their themes. And ThemeFuse support is better too. And looking at the stats from the past few days, I can’t believe StudioPress was knocked out! What’s with that?? Anyways, great contest Ryan!

  23. Elegant Themes FTW! The best price – quality ratio in WP premium themes on the Web. Period.

  24. From a theme designer/developer’s perspective, ThemeFuse definitely has to win this. But since Elegant Themes offers ridiculously cheap prices, people will chose price over quality.

    So, looks like a no doubt win for ET. Still so happy ThemeFuse made it this far though.

  25. My vote is with Elegant Themes, Great themes with wonderful features and a nice price….I can’t expect anything more….

    Theme fuse your themes are very creative though.

  26. Mi voto es para elegantthemes,

    Honores Oztaskiran, soy usuario de themefuse, rockettheme,premiumpress y elegantthemes, llevo 20años en el negocio web y la verdad elegantthemes tiene algo que no tienen las otras empresas, una cara humana respaldando el trabajo y dando la calidez que los otros negocios no tienen.

    Y aunque el precio importa, en este caso importa más la dedicación, la calidad, el soporte, la facilidad de uso, la facil traducción y la notoria entrega de Nick a sus desarrollos.

  27. Elegant Themes has a much better license agreement and subscription set-up. Quite superior.

    Now… If there were a link to see how the voting is going… 🙂

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  29. You guys didn’t even count my vote? You guys have a problem with your voting system. I went there and it was 3 votes for ElegantThemes, because they rock. And when I went back it was still three. While I was at a cafe, I voted again, and you defiantly have me in your system because it said I already voted.

    So, my vote wasn’t counted, and it shed some doubt about the whole competition here.

  30. My vote is for elegant themes… why? more themes available, better price, better support, they stand behind their product, help with edits/modifications, support via forum and responsive to inquiries, refunds within 30days if not satisfied. In addition themes are often updates with new features (the whole catalog).

    Things I like and dislike about Theme Fuse (but not enough reasons to vote for them).

    Theme Fuse
    I like re: magazine theme
    Multiple page templates, and variation (1 column, 2 column, 3 column – in various formats)

    note like: few themes, higher price (priced per theme), no refunds, (unknown to what extent they help modify the theme and/or how often they update or add more features).
    My journey theme preview actually links to a different site that also offers themes so who did the theme? theme fuse or theme forest?

    Lastly theme fuse is promising a set of templates in a giveaway to people that vote for them, so how fair are these contests lol, taking a look at studio press, it seems they were more suited to be against elegant themes than theme fuse in this final round.

    disclaimer: I have been a customer of elegant themes for more than a year and the reasons why I vote for them are listed above.

    • ThemeFuse is offering a theme-pack? I didn’t know that, but that sounds like a great way to show appreciation to their customers, doesn’t it? But I agree with you: ThemeFuse’s themes do offer varied layout options for your page designs, which gives your site a unique look on every page, and basically well-designed themes, just like StudioPress. We get what we pay for, don’t we? And that’s why I voted for ThemeFuse and StudioPress. I didn’t vote for ET because in my experience the themes are poorly supported with a lot of design issues., and the themes lack BASIC layout options. Which again boils down to: you still get what you pay for. My experience with ET was lack of forum support; themes that are hastily designed with MANY bugs, and like another commenter wrote, they offer only ONE look for all pages in ALL of their themes: one sidebar . But maybe ET will up the ante after this contest, after reading some of the critiques, and improve their themes AND support forum (their support forum blows to the pits!).

      As far as StudioPress: they are THE best; no questions. Their design-bling is simple, yes, but you have virtually unlimited design options with their themes so you can dress-up your site however you like, and because of the design quality, their themes are sooo easy to customize (Elegant themes actually wants you to PAY for additional page layouts that go beyond their LIMITED, one sidebar (they actually say it’s a customization (WHAT?), so if someone decides to use any one of ET’s themes ( I no longer have a membership with them), they will have to waste valuable time building sidebars that should be part of the layout by default, just to give their site pages a different look. You know: like a left AND right sidebar, which their themes do not have.

      Can’t wait to see who wins though. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter really: WE, the customers, KNOW who the best of the best is based on the quality of the themes, as well as our own experiences with the theme designers.

      • mona – you are WRONG about how elegant themes works. They don’t charge any more for customizations that are standard in their themes already.

        Everyone is going to charge you for theme customization that are not part of their themes.

        BUT, this is not about StudioPress. StudioPress already lost. This is about the finals.

        And for me this is about my vote NOT counting. I didn’t see it counted when voting was still being tallied.

        • @”jeff morrow”–No, I’m not wrong just because you say so, because the facts glaringly speak for themselves. My comment was about the BEST of the designers compared to ET and why I voted for ThemeFuse and StudioPress, and Ryan ALREADY replied to you about your vote!

          Maybe you don’t like StudioPress, but I do, whether they are in the finals or not. And guess what? I get to say so!! My point was that ET can NOT top StudioPress’ quality. Deal with it or run from it (which ever’s easiest for you). And you basically proved what I already wrote: Elegant themes does charge for theme customizations(which isn’t the problem). The unethical problem is that they consider adding another standard sidebar to be a customization! How do I know? I WAS a member, and that’s what I was told, so at the time, I just added the sidebar myself ( I don’t use their themes anymore and I cancelled my membership, so I don’t have to worry about that headache). But I consider two sidebars (a left and right sidebar–which ET themes do NOT have) to be standard for a GOOD QUALITY premium theme (the majority of poor quality free themes have one sidebar ; premium themes, however, usually have at least a left sidebar AND right (or the designer makes it easy for the customer to add sidebars if they want to), but users who aren’t developers or who don’t know enough coding to add a sidebar, should not have to pay again to have a standard sidebar added to a premium theme). I stressed this point by adding that StudioPress’ and ThemeFuse’s themes DO have left and right sidebar options as standard design features. THAT was my point (a point you missed). So you see, user G listed his reasons for voting for who he did, and I replied (to user G), with the same!

          Just get over the fact that people WILL tell the truth about their experiences with any theme-club because it’s about the value of the exchange: How much we SPEND versus what we get in return. CHEAP isn’t always a good thing because we get what we pay for – obviously.

  31. All my thumbs up for elegentthemes, the have great themes, fair price and lots of updates even for the oldest theme.

  32. Elegant themes does update ALL their themes, not just their newest ones. They have great short codes and lots of different designs. The yearly subscription price is VERY reasonable. I’ve been with them since the yearly price was only $19.95. Unbelievably low.

  33. My vote goes to Elegant themes, primarily because his designs are so sleek and pixel perfect. Secondly because I am seeing his works for a long time. I have seen and admired his templates and designs even long before he started the ET site. He is is the obvious pick for me. At the same time a pat on the back for the themefuse dudes for the amazing work they do.

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