Winners: Results of Theme Madness Final Four!


I’m excited to present the results of Round 5 of Theme Madness. Can you feel it? We’re getting very close to the end. Just to remind you, this round of voting involved the following teams:

This round we have the highest point total that we’ve had so far. The results below may surprise you!

How we scored the games

Just to recap, each game was run on three fronts. First, we counted up the polls for each game. Secondly, we counted up votes on Twitter. Finally, we counted up comments generated (if they were) on the competitor’s blogs. Top score won.

Elegant Themes vs. ThemeForest

After totaling up poll votes, Twitter votes, and comments on their respective blogs, the numbers are:

  • 1. ThemeForest: 640 points
  • 3. Elegant Themes: 1,137 points

Winner: Elegant Themes, who will be playing again later today.

StudioPress vs. ThemeFuse

After totaling up poll votes, Twitter votes, and comments on their respective blogs, the numbers are:

  • 1. StudioPress: 659 points
  • 15. ThemeFuse: 702 points

Winner: ThemeFuse, who will be playing again later today.

Congrats to the winners!

Congratulations are in order to everyone who has made it this far. You can track the competition’s progress via the Theme Madness Bracket, which is just about all filled up! Were there any surprises for you this round? Who do you think has the best shot in the finals?

Final round later today

The final round of voting will kick off at 4:00 pm EST this afternoon. This final round will be between Elegant Themes and ThemeFuse. Good luck to you both!

12 thoughts on “Winners: Results of Theme Madness Final Four!

  1. What! StudioPress is down? Aw..well, I’ll cast one for ThemeFuse for the next round at 4:00. They got some good stuff over there too, but I’m still a StudioPress fan – and user.

  2. How in the hell did StudioPress lose?! No ill will meant towards ThemeFuse, but I thought StudioPress had this in the bag with Genesis and all of their child themes.

  3. I thought WpCandy only gave love to GPL compliant theme devs?

    By WPCandy’s own volition, we only cover folks who release themes and plugins under a GPL license.

    Considering that Elegant themes prohibits redistribution, doesn’t that make them non gpl?

    5. How many sites can I use your themes on?
    Once you join Elegant WordPress Theme, you can use each of our theme on as many websites as you like, provided that you own each site. You are forbidden to resell or redistribute the theme to others.

    – Elegant Themes FAQ

    I mean the FAQ doesn’t even mention non GPL “portions” of the themes until you get to the part about paying for a developer’s license.

    • Our themes are in line with the GPL, and our license is based off the view of the opinions of the Software Freedom Law Center : All of our PHP and JS files are 100% GPL. These files are what make up 90% of our themes, and they contain everything that could be contributed back to WordPress or jQuery and their respective communities. The theme’s images and css, on the other hand, are my personal art, and are data elements that make up distinct works. I have chosen to put these under a proprietary license, and have kept it this way mostly out of habit. It’s very likely that we will blanket our themes under the GPL in the future to make things simpler, but for now we have a split license (which is a common licensing method, and not something I see a moral problem with personally).

      • I’m cool with Split GPL but I’m wondering if you’ve thought about mentioning the developer license upgrade on the Join page (people should read terms but many don’t). It might also be nice to give people the option to pay for it during signup?

        And good luck in the finals. Just cast my vote for ya. 🙂

      • Nick, I did not mean to imply that I have any moral objection to split licensing.

        The only problem I might have is that I would actually respect your license, therefore your themes do not offer the same value proposition as fully GPL licensed themes. Of course, with your pricing this is not really an issue.

        If I intended to simply disregard your license and redistribute your themes in violation of your terms, I suppose I would not care.

        In any event, congratulations on making the finals and keep up the great work!

  4. Damn there goes my bracket! 🙁 I thought StudioPress would have made it to the final, but then I though WooThemes would have too; and they got knocked out early on in the tournament! Kudos to ThemeFuse, although I have to say I think Elegant Themes are going to take the trophy in the final! 🙂

  5. I am a theme author and to tell you the truth I ‘ve never even heard of ThemeFuse before… oh, well.

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