Vote here: Theme Madness 2011, Round 4


We’re into the final stretch: Theme Madness Round 4 voting is now live! We’re down to just eight theme companies, each who have played a number of solid matches to get here. The next 48 hours the following polls will be held:

For the next 48 hours we will hold the voting for the following eight games:

All of the polls and instructions can be found just after the jump, so be sure to click through to have your voice heard. Voting will take place for the next 48 hours, and close at midnight on the 4th (Eastern Standard Time).

Remember you can view the quickly-filling-out Theme Madness Bracket here.

If you need a reminder, the rules can be found here. Good luck to everyone playing!

AppThemes vs. Elegant Themes

Remember, along with this poll you can also vote two other ways:

  • The away game: Tweet your vote using the #wpmadness hashtag and mention either @AppThemes or @ElegantThemes.
  • The home game: If either AppThemes or Elegant Themes start up a post on their blog, your comment there will count as a vote as well.

ThemeForest vs. Mojo Themes

Remember, along with this poll you can also vote two other ways:

  • The away game: Tweet your vote using the #wpmadness hashtag and mention either @EnvatoWebDesign or @Mojo_Themes.
  • The home game: If either ThemeForest or Mojo Themes start up a post on their blog, your comment there will count as a vote as well.

StudioPress vs. Catalyst Theme

Remember, along with this poll you can also vote two other ways:

  • The away game: Tweet your vote using the #wpmadness hashtag and mention either @StudioPress or @CatalystTheme.
  • The home game: If either StudioPress or Catalyst Theme start up a post on their blog, your comment there will count as a vote as well.

Obox Themes vs. ThemeFuse

Remember, along with this poll you can also vote two other ways:

  • The away game: Tweet your vote using the #wpmadness hashtag and mention either @Obox or @ThemeFuse.
  • The home game: If either Obox Themes or ThemeFuse start up a post on their blog, your comment there will count as a vote as well.

125 thoughts on “Vote here: Theme Madness 2011, Round 4

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  3. StudioPress themes are the best on the market in terms of functionality, technical support and the whole customer service experience. I rate them number 1!

  4. I run several sites and tried several thermes.
    Finding Catalyst was like arriving on another planet.
    A planet where things worked liked they could and should.
    It is by far the best.

  5. My vote is for Catalyst Theme. As a web developer, it is THE ONLY framework I use on my clients’ sites. No matter what my clients want me to do with their site, Catalyst rises to the occasion and makes it possible in a straightforward, logical manner.

    What used take hours in WordPress I can now do quickly and easily in Catalyst. My clients think I’m a WordPress genius, and it’s all thanks to Catalyst.

    Go, Catalyst! Go!

  6. You rock, Catalyst! It’s because of your excellent technical support and customer service that you have my full support (and vote) all the way to the finish line!

  7. Voted for StudioPress .. I wouldn’t think of using WordPress for Websites without it. The platform, the templates, the support … all rock tremendously!

  8. StudioPress ftw!!!
    Great framework, never thought I could make a WP website without custom coding, until I used Genesis. The best part has been the plugins (Genesis Hooks & the Sidebar pllugins) and lifetime updates. I hate paying recurring charges.

      • Brian! Yippee! Are these to be released soon? I am a die hard Studiopress fan as the Genesis framework ticks all the boxes for me. I’ve been following this thread and I have to say I’m tempted to take a peek at Catalyst.

        Glad you made this post. We Studiopress lovers are being overrun here presently.
        I’m looking forward to your new themes!

        • You should definitely take a peek at Catalyst…it’ll tick boxes you didn’t know you had. 🙂

          • That is hilarious Molly! This has to be one of the most interesting threads I’ve followed for a while…the armies are out in force…I just might take a peek:)

          • Lol. I just couldn’t resist, Catie! You’ll like what you see ;).

            (You’re right, this is a fight-to-the-finish contest. And Studiopress is a great theme…but I’ve never worked with anything like Catalyst before. It is so flexible and has come so far so quickly even though it’s new. I’m an evangelist…kinda like MAC lovers with their laptops 🙂

          • Ha! I love your passion Molly! Once a brand is under our skin, it’s REALLY under our skin!
            And bless me, for the Catalyst force is so strong here I feel like I’m being urged to change my religion! OK – back to work I go – in the Church of the Latter Day StudioPress Saints. Ahhhhhhh…..

          • Lol. Off to get those door-to-door Studiopress converts? From my understanding, those of the LDSS are allowed more than one brand at a time…

          • We like StudioPress people too, but only on the weekends…and maybe holidays. 🙂

            Btw, I really like what you’ve done with Lifestyle! It looks much more “current” and just has that often hard to achieve “less is more” feel. Awesome job!

            And you gotta love these back and forths. Apparently Catalyst and StudioPress are a part of the International Mormon Church of WordPress. I had no idea?! 🙂


  9. I voted for StudioPress, been with them for years and they do a great job even if the forum get’s a bit testy at times. Looking at Catalyst’s backend is amazing from a design point of view, I had no idea there was a setup out there that had simplified designing the front end to the degree they’ve done it. Nice!

    • Yeah, I took all that I had learned from the Frugal Theme’s Admin Interface (and what made it hard to handle so many options) and started from scratch, determined to make Catalyst not only more powerful, but intuitive on the backend.

      Anyway, I appreciate the compliment and I’m glad you took the time to check us out! 🙂


      • This conversation illustrates EXACTLY what I said on your blog, Eric…if any theme but Catalyst wins this thing, it won’t be because it’s the better theme. It will be because its voters haven’t experienced Catalyst for themselves yet. You have created an extraordinary WP platform…to even call it a “theme” and put it in a theme contest is a bit misleading. It is so much more than that! And…the forum never gets testy :).

        • “And…the forum never gets testy 🙂 .”

          Yeah, it’s crazy how positive the tone is in the Catalyst Forum. It’s one of those things you don’t really notice until you land in a not-so-nice forum environment. 🙂


  10. Let’s see: Internet connection – check. WordPress – check. Catalyst Theme – check. Sweet!

  11. I used think Studiopress/Genesis was pretty cool – until the day I had a play with Catalyst – then everything changed!

    Now when I look at all the other other themes or frameworks they have such limited options – including studiopress I’m afraid.

    If you don’t want an “off-the-shelf” look – sharing your design with hundreds of other sites, have a good look at Catalyst – you’ll be surprised what you can achieve in a couple of hours with a few mouse clicks

    Catalyst is King!

  12. VOTE 1 – Studio Press:) – for the framework, functionality and EXCELLENT support – I love that Rebecca Diamond woman:) BUT I really hate to admit relating to the “boring” comment above when it comes to their child themes so I always find myself sneaking over to Woo Themes or Elegant Themes when I start a project. I then weigh up the pros and cons of getting a funkier out of the box design from these latter two BUT inevitably return to StudioPress – it feels ‘safer’ for some reason. The word “solid” also comes to mind. Very conservative themes although fully customisable. Good luck StudioPress! And hey – feel free to let your creative zen fly from time to time – I’m sure we’d allll love to see something a little funkier:) from you guys. I still love ya guts though:) Good Luck!

    • Aw, thanks, Catherine! I <3 you too! 🙂
      And sshhh….don't tell anyone…but I've seen some of the designs coming down the pike for Genesis child themes – let's just say I think you'll be happy!

  13. Catalyst is the new champ in theme design. Everything else is so last year!
    Catalyst Rocks

  14. Catalyst is the one for me. I love Catalyst. You can do so much without knowing css or html coding. A modern wordpress theme for the future. go catalyst!!

  15. I won’t knock Studiopress as I have no experience with it and I’m sure it’s a great theme, but I can say that Catalyst is my favorite theme of the dozens I’ve had to design with, and the easiest WP theme I’ve used to design websites. Catalyst is my go-to theme for any project I do, a spot previously held by Frugal.

  16. Catalyst is so far ahead of any other theme, it isn’t even funny. Comparing Catalyst to Studiopress is like comparing a bag of diamonds to a sack of dirt. I still think the Studiopress Lifestyle Child Theme is nice though. Only problem is, I created something more beautiful, faster loading, and more flexible in 25 minutes with Catalyst.

  17. I have to vote for Catalyst. I’m a real novice in this and am nearly ready to get a “proper” site up. My web designer friends have been blown away with the flexibility and ease of use of Catalyst

  18. I’ve used every major theme you can think of and Catalyst is head and shoulders above them all. StudioPress is in my top 3 and still use it on a couple sites, but the Catalyst is so much more powerful that all my new sites run it.

  19. Catalyst receives my vote. Catalyst is the most flexible theme I have used, and I have used a ton.

  20. Catalyst all the way! It’s not just a theme — it’s a tool house that allows me to create anything I want or use one of the built in skins to jump start a design.

    Powerful, intuitive, fun, flexible, awesome — Obviously I voted for Catalyst 🙂

  21. Nothing compares to the Catalyst theme. Easy to customise, with hundreds of options, great support and so easy to use. Catalyst is the best theme on the market!

  22. I cannot understand all the fuss about Studio Press and the Geneis framework unless you are a professional coder or something like that and know how to do just about anything in the world of CSS. I am not one of you. The Studio Press themes (I own them all) have consistently disappointed me in their lack of anything
    truly creative. The work you need to put in to customize a child theme is way beyond my skill set and I do
    not have the time to figur ou how to do it myself by reading tons of forum postings. The template is boring.
    On the other hand, Catalyst makes total control of your site within a novice’s reach. I have been an owner since it’s early Frugal days and have watched it grow and grow. Studio Press has been standing still as
    far as I can tell or puttering along, at best. Anyway, my vote is for Catalyst baby!

  23. I chose Catalyst after looking at alternatives including Genesis/Studiopress. Once I found Catalyst I immediately knew that my search was over. Now I cannot imagine doing a website without it.

  24. I am a customer of both StudioPress and Catalyst. When I need to throw a site together in a hurry without much customization, I go with Genesis and one of the many child themes. However, when I need complete control over the look and the layout it’s Catalyst hands down. Catalyst is the most flexible framework I’ve ever used. It allows me to stretch out what little CSS skills I have when I need to, but has the tools to avoid CSS when it’s above my level. It even has amazing tools to teach you CSS if (like me) you want to learn it. I definitely choose Catalyst because I’m in complete control of my sites.

    • Hey Richard,

      We’re so glad you’re enjoying Catalyst and find it to be so flexible!

      I just wanted to mention that we will be launching a Catalyst Child Theme store very soon to address the very thing you mentioned about the “need to throw a site together in a hurry without much customization”. So stay tuned for that! 🙂


  25. Voted Catalyst!!! The more I use it (for web design) the more I realize how powerful it is. I was a die hard Frugal user, but now Catalyst is my Theme of choice.

  26. The Catalyst theme is truly remarkable. It’s wise beyond it’s years I’d say. Can’t wait to see what the future holds.

  27. I use Catalyst for my personal blog and Studiopress for my business site. It’s exciting to see these 2 competing against each other because I love ’em both. I’m going to have to give the nod to Catalyst simply because of how much customization can be done with such fine details. There’s a bit of ramp up on Catalyst. But once figured out, it’s beyond powerful.

  28. Studiopress may be really good and it’s been around for a long time, they have a cool collection of themes and things are getting better with Genesis.

    However, Catalyst is definitely far better as a theme framework and it’s been the most flexible and powerful wordpress theme even before studiopress came up with their idea of a framework theme (Catalyst was named Frugal by then).

    Who needs a lot of previously designed themes when one has Catalyst to do their custom ones, also Studiopress is so spread now that you can find their child themes everywhere. They also provide some skins if you need to create a site on a rush and you can easily create your own child themes or skins. I also know some great new child themes are on the way

    My vote is definitely with Catalyst, it’s just the best wordpress tool out there, I use it everyday for all of my projects and I love that is very useful for both the beginner and the advanced developer.


  29. Not only is Catalyst a wonderfully versatile theme, the instructions and community support are priceless. Even a senior non-techy like me can make custom changes that work and look good. I use Catalyst for all my blogs too. Go catalyst!!! Your the best.

  30. I’ve worked with many themes and what is most impressive about CATALYST is its flexible framework and super, duper support! Eric Hamm has always responded to my inquiries and offered excellent advice and technical support. Any theme may be considered great but without good support to back it up, it’s often useless.

    I’m pretty handy with CSS but am a novice with php so Catalyst is the perfect tool, offering a great balance between creative expression and a robust, flexible framework.


  31. Boys’n’Girls – What’s going on?
    Catalyst is rocking on!
    Smiling people everywhere?
    Yeah, Catalyst is out there!
    Let the happines begin –
    Catalyst is gonna WIN!!!


  32. Wow. From the comments, this looks like the final round between Catalyst and Studiopress. Bummer for whichever one turns out to lose. As for me, I’ve looked into almost a dozen theme platforms (including Genesis), own three, and have to say Catalyst is the best, hands down.

  33. I have used both platforms to build sites for clients. Catalyst is by far the easier to use and at the same time, more flexible! I love Catalyst!

  34. If you’re voting for studiopress it can only be because you haven’t tried Catalyst yet.

    Catalyst winds, hands down.

  35. Elegant themes are fantastic and the price is peanuts.
    I’ll also go with Studiopress… Genesis. Great forum and pages load like lightening.
    Love the competition can’t wait to see who the winner is.

  36. My vote goes to Catalyst! As a complete novice, I was impressed with how relatively little effort or coding knowledge I was able to get great results and make our site look the way we want. Whenever I was stuck, the Catalyst Team and the very friendly and very helpful support community were always there to lend a hand or to point in the right direction (without even a hint of the condescending attitude that novices like myself find in many other places). The whole Catalyst experience has actually stimulated me to learn more about css, etc. so I can get even more out of the many customization possibilities this theme offers. I will recommend Catalyst to anyone, anytime!

  37. I own and have used them both, StudioPress and Catalyst… and now I’m using Catalyst pretty much exclusively… Studiopress is great… nothing against it!…just that Catalyst is my preference, both for it’s fantastic flexibility, intuitive front-end and wonderful community and support.

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  39. My vote? Catalyst without any doubt in my mind.

    Intuitive, simple, powerful, logical and brilliant, that’s Catalyst!


  40. Catalyst is a great theme/themebuilder. As a new developer to WP who has done a lot of research on these themes, I can say that I am so impressed with Catalyst. After exchanging emails with a WooThemes developer, in which I asked him to compare his product to Catalyst, he did not even know about Catalyst. This, after telling me he had been in the WP world for SOOOO long. Well, WooThemes is gone, and Catalyst is continuing strong. I guess you know which one I purchased. And I think that WT developer and many others now know who/what Catalyst is. Future theme developers should follow there lead and create better options for customizing themes. Almost every theme I see are too limited in their customization options with no coding. Catalyst does this excellently. That’s why so many users are showing their approval with their voting.

  41. After struggling with several premium themes as I just didn’t know how to get them to do what I wanted. I finally purchased the Frugal Theme with the advise of a marketing friend. It took me a bit of time to get the hang of it and then the Catalyst Theme was introduced. I was a bit worried at first and it took some time to wrap my mind around what it was and how to use it.

    The Catalyst theme is a real tool when your using WordPress. I really can’t explain it in words. It’s something that you have to use to “get it “. It is just one super awesome content and design management system. Especially for design challenged people as I.

    I vote for the Catalyst Theme!

  42. I have used both Studiopress – Genesis and Catalyst. I currently use Catalyst. I find it faster and easier to get things done with Catalyst. Genesis is excellent but my vote goes to Catalyst.

  43. I have done a lot of looking around.

    Bar none, Catalyst is simply amazing.

    If you have any doubts, I’d recommend just viewing some of the “How To videos” just to see what it can do and how well they have put together the control panel in the back-end! Well Done Eric !


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  45. My vote goes to Awesome, Fabulous, Great, Wonderful, Superb StudioPress.

    Love you Genesis love you Brian and love you all the developers, support team and users!!

    +1 StudioPress

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  48. I voted for StudioPress! They have THE best layout options for pages that I’ve ever seen and their themes aren’t “buggy”. Go StudioPress! Take it home baby!!!

  49. We love Studio Press. The code is clean, semantically sound, easy to modify. Their forum support is excellent and their custom plugins, like Simple Sidebars, are fantastic!

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